Friday, March 6, 2009

TM - Harmless Relaxation OR Introduction to the Occult?

Guess what? The left has finally caught on. Change begins within. In order to promote their brand of change – they are having a concert featuring singers like Paul McCartney – and Cheryl Crow.

The concert, according to the folks behind the event, “will raise funds to teach one million at-risk children to meditate - giving them life-long tools to overcome stress and violence and promote peace and success in their lives.” (The full story is at ) See the end of this article to learn the adverse effects of TM that 62.9% of these 'at risk' children can expect. It is a case of, 'PLEASE - Don't do me any favors! I got enough problems without you butting in!'

Funds will be administered through the David Lynch foundation – which pushes Transcendental Meditaion - the shortened term is TM.
TM is a form of Hindu/eastern mystic religion.
TM followers are given a mantra Рlikely a one syllable word Рor even a non word Рand they chant that in sort of a song. It has become a clich̩ on TV to see someone in the lotus position chanting ommmm ommmmm in a hypnotic voice or manner.
Anyway, it is aimed at putting the mind in neutral, or a trance like state, or possibly self-hypnotized. . An ‘altered state of conscience’ is the goal.

The roots of TM are in Hinduism. Hinduism is

‘a body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to India and
based on a caste system;
it is characterized by a belief in reincarnation,
by a belief in a supreme being of many forms and natures,
by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one eternal truth,
and by a desire for liberation from earthly evils.’

Don't be decieved into thinking that TM is harmless because it is not overtly Hindu in its practice. It is only a small part of Hindu, but it is fully connected to the whole, just like the rattles on a diamond back are attached to the fangs. Grab hold of the tail, and eventually you will get bitten.

Hinduism/TM teaches many things that are in total opposition to what the Bible says. For instance:

Acts 10:34Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:
The Caste system is totally un-Biblical.

Hebrews 9:27And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
There is no reincarnation. One life is all you get.

John 14:6Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Jesus Christ is the answer. In Jesus Christ we have the way of salvation, the complete truth without error, and a way to gain an eternal life in heaven liberated from earthly evils.

Many Christians, myself included, believe TM is an introduction to the occult. Actually, anything apart from the teachings of the Bible are teachings of God's adversary the devil. They are not going to lead anyone anywhere except downward to the devil's domain.

The Bible DOES instruct us to meditate.
However, it is not mindless chanting or vain repetition.
It is meditation on the Word of God.
It is meditation on the meaning of scripture, and how to apply Godly teaching to personal actions.
It is meditation on the results of following the ways of God or the ways of the world.
Look at the list of those who meditated on God's Word.

Genesis 24:63And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and saw, and, behold, the camels were coming.Genesis 24:62-64 (in Context) Genesis 24 (Whole Chapter)

Joshua 1:8This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.Joshua 1:7-9 (in Context) Joshua 1 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 1:2But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.Psalm 1:1-3 (in Context) Psalm 1 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 63:6When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches.Psalm 63:5-7 (in Context) Psalm 63 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 77:12I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings.Psalm 77:11-13 (in Context) Psalm 77 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 119:15I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways.Psalm 119:14-16 (in Context) Psalm 119 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 119:23Princes also did sit and speak against me: but thy servant did meditate in thy statutes.Psalm 119:22-24 (in Context) Psalm 119 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 119:48My hands also will I lift up unto thy commandments, which I have loved; and I will meditate in thy statutes.Psalm 119:47-49 (in Context) Psalm 119 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 119:78Let the proud be ashamed; for they dealt perversely with me without a cause: but I will meditate in thy precepts.Psalm 119:77-79 (in Context) Psalm 119 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 119:148Mine eyes prevent the night watches, that I might meditate in thy word.Psalm 119:147-149 (in Context) Psalm 119 (Whole Chapter)

Psalm 143:5I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands.Psalm 143:4-6 (in Context) Psalm 143 (Whole Chapter)

Isaiah 33:18Thine heart shall meditate terror. Where is the scribe? where is the receiver? where is he that counted the towers?Isaiah 33:17-19 (in Context) Isaiah 33 (Whole Chapter)

Luke 21:14Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer:Luke 21:13-15 (in Context) Luke 21 (Whole Chapter)

1 Timothy 4:15Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.1 Timothy 4:14-16 (in Context) 1 Timothy 4 (Whole Chapter)

Change does begin within the heart of the individual. However, change for the better begins with meditation on the Word of God.

Furthermore, the side effects of TM are harmful according to many easily available articles. Here is an example:

STUDY: Perez-De-Abeniz, Alberto and Holmes, Jeremy. Meditation: Concepts, Effects and Uses in Therapy. International Journal of Psychotherapy, March 2000, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p49, 10p. Abstract:

This article reviews 75 scientific selected articles in the field of meditation, including Transcendental Meditation among others.
It summarizes definitions of meditation, psychological and physiological changes, and negative side-effects encountered by 62.9% of meditators studied.
While the authors did not restrict their study to TM, the side-effects reported were similar to those found in the "German Study" of Transcendental Meditators:
relaxation-induced anxiety and panic;
paradoxical increases in tension;
less motivation in life;
impaired reality testing;
confusion and disorientation;
feeling 'spaced out';
increased negativity;
being more judgmental;
feeling addicted to meditation;
uncomfortable kinaesthetic sensations;
mild dissociation;
feelings of guilt;
psychosis-like symptoms;
destructive behavior;
suicidal feelings;
and despair.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Does the 'Bail-Out' have in Common with Globalism and a One World Currency?

Where Did the Bail Out Money Go – and Why?

How many ba-zillions has the government spent on bailouts?
According to an article on World Net Daily, the amount admitted to is currently 2.2 trillion.
Who got the money?
Nobody seems able to give an account of who got what.
And, how does this affect you?
It affects all of us adversely in the long run, and pretty much in the short run as well. Don’t think the government is ‘worried’ about the drop in your retirement account value. You are just collateral damage in their true agenda. In fact, the liberal/socialist/rinos prefer that you fail. They WANT every citizen to come to them begging for a handout.
The thing is, there never was a ‘need’ for a bailout’. The free market system works properly when allowed to. Everything the government has done has made the economy worse for working people.
The sad truth is the government has no thought to make the economy better for working people. Their agenda is a socialist/communist state that is global in scope, and where the government is looked to for help instead of God. This explains why Obama is not concerned with the stock market plunge. I suspect that privately he is elated by the plunge. This makes it more likely that more people will wind up living on the pittance of social security. THEN – more people will be crying to the government for help. This is not limited to the United States alone.
Their agenda is global in scope.
They are not interested in stimulating the economy of the United States specifically.
They are intent on making the currencies of the world ‘equitable’.
That means one dollar or its equivalent will have the same purchasing power no matter what country or region in which the money is spent.
That means the dollar of the nations with greater purchasing power be devalued to fit the dollar of the poor nations.
That also means that the eventual implementation of a one world currency will not be a really big deal, because all the money has the same purchasing power anyway. In fact, the entire crisis was intentionally created by those with globalist ideology, and their blind/ignorant followers in congress.
This is not rational thinking. Rational thinking would be to work toward the poor countries building up and producing goods and services. This would bring the value of their dollar equivalent up. The value of the currency of the richer nations doesn’t need to be dragged down to accomplish this. Look at Japan and the United States. Japan should get down on her knees and thank the God of the United States they were helped and encouraged in building a strong economy after WWII. In today’s world, Japan would be pitied; given handouts, and doomed to poverty and dependency on foreign handouts.
At the end of WWII, nations and leaders were very patriotic and nationalistic. They saw the success of individual nations as crucial in building a world that was safe, prosperous, and free.
Today, the leaders of the nations see things differently. They see the world as better off under one leadership. This requires one currency, probably under the authority of the IMF.
Here is what is going on with some current world leaders seeking global currency:
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, EU heads such as Joaquin Almunia and establishment media outlets like the Wall Street Journal amongst many others have all used the economic crisis as an excuse to argue for greater financial power, a “new world economic order” in which control is concentrated into fewer hands - with the IMF and the World Bank enjoying the spoils.
UK Business Secretary and top Bilderberg member Peter Mandelson has also pushed for a “Bretton Woods for this century,” to help build the “machinery of global economic governance”.
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy all made the same appeal at a conference in Paris on the future of capitalism last month.
Merkel called for the creation of a new global economic body under the UN, similar to the Security Council, to judge government policy.
Sarkozy called for a “new world, new capitalism” during his speech, as he commented “In capitalism of the 21st century, there is room for the state.”
Meanwhile, Blair called for a new financial order which he said should be constructed upon “values other than the maximum short-term profit.”

The tragic trend toward globalism is impossible to reverse. It may be possible to slow its progress through intercessory prayer to God Almighty through Jesus Christ the Son.

Lest you think I am suggesting that Christians ‘fiddle while Rome burns, there are things that need to be done. Christians need to do three things.
First, pray. We are supposed to that regardless of current problems.
Second, do our job! As Christians our job description is to tell the world about Jesus. We are to start with our own families, and go out into the world. The ‘Great Commission’ is not negated by government scandal and treachery.
Third, lift up our eyes and look for the return of our King.
And, for your specific personal benefit, do one one more thing. Enjoy the day as much as is possible. In some instances, such as recent grief or loss, the world is pretty much in limbo for a time of mourning. If that is not your situation at this time, then just go forward with your life. Enjoy the blessings that God has given you today.
Do the best you can for the day. Do what is right. Do what you have an opportunity to do.
Take no thought for tomorrow. Just deal with the problems of today. God will deal with the problems of tomorrow. Just do your duty today.

Read Mathew Chapter 6 and Luke Chapter 12 for comfort in this time of uncertainty and peril.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can We Blame Spoons for Weight Gain?

It is so nice to have someone to blame for something.
It seems that by blaming someone else, or even something for a problem or disaster, the individual is absolved from any blame.
Now, how many out there would like your weight problem to be blamed on someone or something else.
I have good news for you. It the spoons fault. If you have spoons in your kitchen, get rid of them NOW! Spoons will just make you fat.
If you eat with a fork, the fork may also be to blame. Get rid of the forks NOW!
My father in law used to eat his black eyed peas with a knife. If you happen to be one of those rare talented people who eats with a knife, then you better get rid of the knife NOW! Your weight loss depends on it.
If you get rid of all silverware/eating utensils in your home, you should lose ten pounds by the end of the week. Your muscles will probably firm without exercise. Your waist line will shrink the most of all. Your posture will improve as well. The world will be a better place. (IF that doesn't work, you might consider breaking all your fingers so you can't pick up pizza or hamburgers, and banning straws from all supermarkets so you will not be able to suck up milk shakes either.)

By getting rid of your eating utensils, you will have taken control of your future and made the world a better place to live. YOU will have made the world a better and healthier place.

Now, how would you like to live in a world without crime?
The solution is just as simple as losing weight.
Get rid of weapons!
Weapons cause crime.
What could be easier?

The truth is that crime is a result of people who have set themselves as above the law. For whatever reasons, drug addiction, greed, elitist ideology, selfishness, or just plain meanness, there will always be some people willing to do violence to those who get in their way.

Take the case of the murder of Able by his brother Cain.
Cain was just in a bad mood because God had specific rules, and Cain did not want to obey God's rules. He took it out on his brother Able. Cain was mad because Able did the right thing. So, he killed Able.
Now at that time, there were no guns that we know of. Still, Cain managed to kill his brother.

Currently, 48 states have some form of concealed handguns permits. Only two state, Wisconsin and Illinois, do allow law abiding citizens to carry a handgun.

It is pretty well conceded that states who allow handguns definitely have seen no rise in crime because of their laws. In fact, most people will admit that crime has gone down in those state. The argument might be whether the drop in crime is related to citizens carrying handguns or not.

Currently law abiding citizens in the state of Illinois are fighting for the right to carry a weapon.

Their opposition includes Tom Mannard, of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, who says that he would expect problems with increased violence even though that hasn't been the experience in other states where concealed carry is allowed.
"We haven't seen mayhem in the street — that doesn't mean the potential isn't there," he said. (

Now, let me see, 48 states with gun permits prove that violence has NOT gone up, but has instead gone down, but this man thinks his state will be different. He certainly has a low opinion of the citizens of his state.

I hope that Illinois becomes the 49th state that recognizes the constitutional right of citizens to self protection that includes carrying a gun if they so choose.

By the way, many more people are killed by drunk drivers than by handguns. You don't see anyone trying to ban automobiles do you? I know - that argument is such a cliche - but it happens to be the truth. How many lives would be saved by strictly enforcing impaired driving laws? The frustrating thing to me is that so much effort is put into 'gun control', but not a fraction of that effort is put into controlling drunk and drugged driving. I know a number of people who have been killed by drunk drivers, but I don't anyone who was murdered at all, much less with a handgun. How about you? (To those reading who may have lost someone through drunk driving or gun violence, I am truly sorry for your loss. May God bless you and comfort you.)

The bottom line is personal responsibility. Responsible people carrying handguns are not a threat to society. Criminals on the other hand, are criminals because they don't obey the laws to begin with. They certainly will not be deterred from carrying a gun regardless of the laws.

Actually, I believe Alaska is correct in confirming the right to carry a hand gun to all citizens. Why should a law abiding citizen have to go through the trouble and expense of getting and renewing a permit when criminals don't have to do it?

For the government to attempt to control crime through regulating the actions of law abiding citizens is a complete and utter misuse of public funds and resources. The government knows this will not lower crime rates. Law enforcement knows the same thing.

So, the bottom line is that 'gun control' is really an issue of controlling the population in general. A population that is disarmed is much more easily controlled than a population that is armed.

I will end this article by saying that I wish weight loss was simple as getting rid of spoons. I wish crime control was as simple as getting rid of guns. To wish something so does not make it so.

(check out Barbara's book 'The Broad Way' online at amazon or Barnes and Noble.)

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Way of the Coward is the Way of Big Government

It is not enough to just ‘change’. The change must be for the better.

‘Change’ is being crammed down the throats of the people like food through a feeding tube in a psych ward.
We have a lot of lazy people who would rather be force fed than have to chew the food for themselves, so some people don’t consider that all bad.
These people are satisfied to let government choose the way they live, if the government pays for it. It is funny that these same people
These people are so blinded by the idea of a free ride that never consider that the government will never pay enough to actually cover the cost of anything except the equivalent of a second rate bicycle.
These people are willing to accept whatever form of government is necessary to provide them with ‘benefits’.
These people are willing to give up any and all freedoms that are not in line with the ‘benevolent’ government.
These people are somewhat opposed to calling the government nasty names like ‘socialist’ and ‘communist’.
They know words like that are ‘bad’, and they know that a government that promises them salvation and an easy ride cannot be bad.
They are too lazy or greedy to study the issues. They are content to ‘feel’ good about the nice things politicians are saying.
These people are willingly ignorant of the facts that:
Change is never easy.
Change is often NOT for the better.

These people are cowards.
They afraid to take responsibility for their own lives.
Their ‘’reactionary’ lifestyle will get them into trouble.
Unfortunately, it gets the rest of us into trouble as well.

On the other hand:
Other’s like to chew their own food. Being force fed goes against their grain.
They like to make choices in their own lives.
They are willing to live with the consequences of their actions.
They probably consider their actions a little more carefully in the first place than those who expect the government to bail out their behinds every time they get in over their heads.
These people have studied the issues.
They are not making decisions based on fear and ‘worst case scenarios’.
They have counted the cost of reaching their goals.
Due to the number of ‘feel good’ politicians and ‘feel good’ voters, these thinking people know full well that the government will not only NOT help them, they will probably hinder their success at every turn.
They are courageous enough to go ahead anyway.

Honestly, government adoration or outright worship is the coward’s way out.
Cowards seldom win even temporarily.
They never have real long term solutions to real problems.
They most they can look for is a temporary change that will cause them more problems in the future.
That means most of the people looking to the current government leadership to solve their problems, pay their mortgages, and send them eternal prosperity, are doomed to disappointment and even worse problems than they are already facing.

Cowards are ruled by fear. The courageous are also often fearful, but their faith is greater than their fear.

For Christians, their faith is in God Almighty.
Our God has promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)
Our God has promised to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. (Philippians 4:19)
Our God forbids worship of anything or anyone above Him. (Exodus 20:23, Deut. 5-7) This means we are not to look to the government to supply all our needs, or provide us with our daily benefits. (Psalm 68:19)
Our God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 16:11)

The way of the coward will bring change for the worse.
The cost of this change will be paid for by everyone.

The way of the courageous will bring change for the better.

Whether you like it or not, you are part of change.
Are you following the way of the coward?
Or, are you following the way of the courageous?

Barbara Henderson

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