Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Music is Medicine

Music is medicine! It can be good medicine or bad medicine. 
Barbara Henderson
      Even in my darkest moments of cancer treatment (still on going - and sometimes very distressing) songs from the hymn book could lift my spirits and give me strength to go on another day. The songs remind us that our God is with us and always righteous. He is also merciful - even in the direst of circumstances. They remind us of the wonderful future that is ahead of us, and that we are not alone no matter what we are going through right now, or no matter how loses and sorrows from our past may come to our minds to torment us.
      If you listen to traditional hymns for an hour your outlook for the day will be changed. It isn't about working yourself up to feel better by your own determination. It is about a real change that comes through the blessing of godly music. There truly is coming a day when no heartaches will come, a day when the Lord Himself will wipe away all tears from off all faces. Only the word of God as written in the Bible and preached by true preachers can be of more comfort than the hymnal. By the way - the Bible on audio is available free on the internet. I also listen to Bible audio and sermons. This is for the good of my own soul, but it also to help me keep my thoughts firmly on our God.            

      Remember that a gift God gives to His children is the gift of a sound mind.  Listening to Bible audio, sermons, and hymns help keep the mind on the path of truth.  It helps you discern the truth from a lie.  Don't forget that the most dangerous lies are those that are mostly true with just a little lie sprinkled in there.  You don't automatically know the lies.  You must learn the scriptures and what they say to be able to pick out the falsehoods among the truth.
      We have a blessing like no other generation before us. We have the full Bible available to read or listen to. We have godly music available free at our fingertips. Be sure to make good use of the blessings God has put at fingertips.
      There is truly coming a day when no heartaches will come - because the King is coming! In the meantime - fill your heart and mind with the words of God and songs that glorify the One who saved us by His grace. Make use of the wonderful medicine of music.