Friday, May 1, 2015

What Happens When Christians are Persecuted for Their Faith?

Positive Results of Persecution Against Christians
Barbara Henderson

There is no doubt that Christians are facing dreadful persecution throughout the world.  In some places they are being murdered daily because of their faith.  As usual the helpless are attacked.  Cowardly conduct is the way of life for the persecutors.

In the USA Christians are currently being persecuted politically, socially, and economically.  As the liberal population demands that Christians affirm immoral action all Christians are beginning to feel the pressure to embrace wicked behaviors regardless of what God Almighty has to say about the matter. 
In the military Christians Chaplains, who were hired to represent Christian soldiers are being persecuted for simply telling people what the Bible says on particular topics.  (one example – there are more)

People are being fired from their jobs for proclaiming Jesus Christ as the way of salvation.

 Christians speaking about what God calls sin are in danger of losing their jobs. This all sounds like persecution to me, but it is excused without any reason except Christian belief based on the Bible is not politically or socially acceptable to many who are in power either politically or socially.

I could post links to real persecution of Christians all day long, but the evidence is so overwhelming that it isn’t necessary to do that.  If someone refuses to admit Christians are being persecuted from the point of literal murder and torture to being ostracized socially and economically they are willingly ignorant.

Knowing that Christian persecution is growing calls for a response from Christians and the entire world.

It is disappointing to watch physical persecution grow around the world.  From the slaughter of Christians in communist nations during last century to the slaughter of Christians by Islamic terrorists right now the response of the world has been basically non-existent. This is heartbreaking to say the least. Islam plans to murder all the Christians who don’t convert and thus rid the world of followers of Jesus Christ.  The opposition to their efforts has been minimal.

Do not misunderstand what I am going to say. I abhor and hate what is happening to fellow believers in Jesus Christ.  It is a tragedy.  However, historically there has been a consequence of persecution of believers.  That consequence has been more believers.  Persecution destroys lives and murders people with the plan to utterly destroy Christ.  People who may not want to murder Christians still want to marginalize them and ridicule their beliefs.  It appears they want Christians to have less respect socially and politically than those who believe in the Great Pumpkin. 


Christians have security that these deniers of Christ do not have.  Here are some things to consider:

Persecution of the saints throughout history has not silenced the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ.  In fact just the opposite has occurred.  Persecute the saints and the church grows in number. 

The reaction of the church has not been to mount a physical war. The crusades were sanctioned by the Catholic church – but they were specifically to STOP the invasion of the Moslems.  They were literally self-defense.  As any thinking person is well aware Islam is a religion with tendencies of extreme violence and slaughter.  Obviously not all followers of Mohammad practice violence. However, persecution even to death is taught in their book. Christians are allowed self-defense against such terrible actions.

Christians have traditionally fought persecution collectively and individually by preaching Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the way to heaven.  Shut up one preacher and God will raise up another to take his place.  The game plan of Christians today to combat the rising tide of persecution of Christians should be more evangelism. 

I do want to point out that legal recourse is allowed.  We aren’t to take our Christian brothers and sisters to court, but we are allowed legal defense that is available to other citizens.  Paul went to great lengths to stand before Caesar in  Rome.  He was illegally mistreated and he refused to simply be set free and go on his way.  The Biblical account of Paul’s journey to Rome is amazing! The shipwreck is just astounding.  Paul was a single minded fellow.  Christians of lesser faith would have decided that God didn’t want them to go to Rome after the shipwreck.  Paul’s determination did not falter.  Making use of the courts for legitimate reasons is not a sin.  Within the boundaries set by the Bible for Christian behavior it would be up to the individual Christian whether to take something to court. Sadly the courts seem to be stacked against Christians regardless of the law.  Never the less, sometimes legal action may be the right thing to do.

On the other hand evangelism is always right regardless of its popularity or even legality.  There may be consequences for taking the gospel to the lost.  In some countries you can get jail time – notably Iran at this time.  China is also a dangerous place for an evangelist as well as many other countries.  Christianity can get you tortured and murdered in many places.  Evangelism is still the best answer to persecution.  Those who oppose Christianity on any level don’t realize that their opposition is the fertilizer that will cause Christianity to stand out even more.  The way to God the Father is through Jesus Christ the Son.  Our God who is the God of creation, has the power and authority to make the rules.  He has been very clear regarding the rules and that He does not change.  The end of the story is that God wins and non-believers spend eternity in hell.
It is the duty of Christians in both times of peace and times of war to proclaim the way to heaven through Jesus Christ.  There is no other way.  Some people will hear and be saved. Then their voice will be one of many proclaiming Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life along with other Christians.  This is the best victory against those who hate Christ.  But the consequences of Christian persecution will ultimately not be what the persecutors intend.  Jesus saves.  Tell the world.

Something else to consider is this.  Evangelism is the one size fits all cure.  Rejection of Jesus leads to every sin and immorality.  Right now there are so many anti-god activities going on that it would take a book to comment on the main ones.  There is no great benefit on cataloging each of them as everyone knows what is going on.  We may not know the extent of the deviations from godly normal behavior, but we know what is going on.  We don’t have to become an expert on pornography to know it is rampant in society and that it is pure evil.  Each sin could be attacked on its own wicked ‘merits’.  Certainly we should speak out against sin when necessary.  Do take a side in some of the agenda’s being pushed on society today.  But the cure for all sin is Jesus Christ.  The best help for the world in general and for the individual is through telling the truth about Jesus. 

One example that I absolutely love in the Bible is the story of Paul getting kicked out of town after town for preaching and just going on to preach at the next town. (Acts chapter 14) He didn’t change his message to ‘reach people where they live’.  Of course he did take into consideration the background of the people to whom he was speaking.  If people had no concept of the God of creation he wouldn’t start his preaching by expounding on the doctrine of the trinity. 

What Christians need to remember and thank God for daily is the sure knowledge that the end of earthly history is that Jesus wins.  Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is going to happen.  Pray that many will confess Jesus before it too late.  Heaven is waiting for God’s children.  Hell is waiting for those who refuse His offer of peace with God through Christ’s own blood.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Women AGAINST Gun Control

Women are NOT well Represented  by the Gun Control Crowd
Barbara Henderson

It was a normal day on a farm in 1910.  Grampaw was plowing the field.  Grammaw was tending to the livestock around the house.  That meant she was in charge of the chickens.  Chickens were pretty important to a farm family at that time.  They provided eggs.  They provided fresh meat in a time when meat was not preserved through freezing or refrigeration.  A little known fact is that the chickens were also a traditional approach to the bug exterminator.  Chickens eat bugs.  I don’t like to think about the fact that chickens who provide eggs and chicken nuggets may have a diet that partially consists of bugs, but that is the truth.  So, in southern climates chickens took care of the horror of ticks in the yard.  (I am serious.  Ticks in the south are NOT a laughing matter.)   Anyway, on this day the chickens were in danger.  First a pesky chicken hawk zeroed in on Grammaw’s best layer.  Grammaw promptly blew its head off with her twelve gauge shotgun.  Grammaw was a crack shot.  Then no sooner had she got back to churning butter than she heard yet another ruckus in the chicken house.  A murderous chicken snake was attacking a nest of eggs that were nearly ready to hatch.  Once again Grammaw came to the rescue.  She used a rake to get the snake out of the nest and then promptly blew the snakes head off with her shotgun.  Grammaw had a handgun, but she saved that for critters that she planned to eat.  A bullet to the head did not mess up the meat like a shotgun.  And that was just how Grammaw lived.  She fought varmints like her life and the life of her family depended on it. 

Now, Grampaw was as chivalrous as they come.  If he had been home he would have personally shot the chicken hawk and the snake.  Or Grammaw could have run to the field and got Grampaw to run back to the house to take care of the chicken hawk and the snake.  Of course if she had done that Grampaw would have come a running – but he would have obviously been too late to be of any use.  He could have taken note of what happened and given Grammaw sympathy and emotional support, but he couldn’t have changed what happened.  Grammaw had to be self sufficient in this matter.  Way to go Grammaw!

Grammaw number two who lived down the valley about one mile was not happy with Grammaw’s ability to handle guns.  She felt that it was unfair to other women who might not want to have guns in the house.  She felt sorry for the chicken hawks and chicken snakes.  She set out to get the sheriff to restrict Grammaw number one’s right to even have a gun.  ‘Just call the sheriff when those wild varmints come around.  He will take care of them for you.  And the entire neighborhood will be a safer place without women running around shooting any chicken hawk or snake that attacks their chickens. Silly chickens have a very limited life anyway.  What difference does it make if the chicken provides a meal for a family or for a snake?’

Grammaw number one’s family always had eggs for breakfast.  They had a chicken for Sunday dinner every Sunday after church.  Grammaw number two’s family often went hungry.  Grammaw number two found this very unfair.  So she petitioned the government to legislate that Grammaw number one would have half her chickens and eggs confiscated and given to the less fortunate in the neighborhood.  After all, Grammaw number two should not have to suffer because she loved animals and stood up for their right to eat chicken whenever they wanted to.

Do you find this story ridiculous?  I know I do.  Unfortunately, if you change a few words and move forward in time until the current year you would find silly women who don’t care to manage their own lives objecting to others who do manage their lives.  They find it offensive that since they choose to remain ignorant regarding the use of guns that everyone else should have to go along with their ignorant ideas.  They aren’t really afraid of law abiding citizens so that is who they target in their ‘get rid of guns’ campaign.  They expect someone else to defend them from all problems.  A policeman will appear out of thin air to take care of the present day ‘chicken hawks’.  The government will provide a check for their every day needs and some luxuries as well. 

Fortunately for civilization there are many women who realize that the government and law enforcement, no matter how well intentioned and efficient, cannot provide immediate protection when needed or proper food and shelter. 

Personally I am sick of ignorant women’s groups getting all sorts of media attention.  (The exception being Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.)  The truth is that women need guns.  We carry for self protection.  We carry to protect family members.  We carry because we simply feel safer with a gun.  Women have feelings – right?  It is ok for women who carry handguns to have feelings even if they aren’t the same as the feminist crowd isn’t it?

Thinking women also understand that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens make the world a safer place in general.  A disarmed population is obviously going to be much more easily controlled by both the government and armed terrorists.  How many people around the world who have been slaughtered by ISIS would have been able to defend themselves and their families if they and their neighbors had been armed?  Since Ronald Reagan is no longer president ISIS is not WAS-WAS.  People still need to be able to protect themselves.

And regardless of self-defense, just exactly who are a bunch if silly women to tell normal people that they shouldn’t have guns?  I would be happy to tell them that they really aren’t even competent to have a blow dryer.  Electrical gadgets of any kind may be too much for them.  I don’t actually think that, but I could pick out any number of items that could be used to harm people and get on my high horse trying to have them banned.  Have you ever cut yourself peeling potatoes? Should anyone be allowed to have a knife then?  Has anyone ever been stabbed with a knife?
Have people you know been harmed or murdered by drunk drivers?  Should we ban cars for everyone?  The absolute idiocy of taking guns from average people is not even on the chart for its level of absurdity. 
Right now the food police want to ban our right to cheesecake. There is no level of control that is beyond the ideology of the control freaks.  A good place to take a stand against these puppets is gun control.  Look ladies – I am for bladder control.  Beyond that, get your nose out of my business.

It appears that women who carry are not receiving equal representation from the press.  Women who don’t want anyone to carry get all the media coverage.  So ladies, if you like your guns tell the world.  If you want to keep your guns tell the world.  If you respect the constitution and its guarantee of our right to guns tell the world.  The constitution is not just for men. Women have as much right to speak out as men do. Women have as much right to speak out against gun control as women do.  Women have as much right as anyone on anything guaranteed by the constitution. Conservative women have as much right to speak out and demand equality as liberals.  To all my conservative gun-toting counterparts – use your vocal chords and roar.  Gun control is not going to happen.

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