Wednesday, August 31, 2016

No One Actually Gets Away With Anything - Judgment Will Come

Getting Away With It Doesn’t Really Happen
Barbara Henderson

It was Jerusalem 2000 years ago.  The people had seen miracles beyond anything the world had ever seen.  The blind were made to see.  The lame were made to walk.  Even the dead were raised to live again.  But, there was a big problem.  The Man doing all these miracles wasn’t doing what most of the people really wanted done.  They wanted Him to overthrow Rome and restore Israel to the prominence and success it had in the days of King David.  In the minds of many they had done everything right, so there was no need of the repentance this Man was preaching.  They obeyed the commandments, and had even added a lot to them to make their righteousness even more obvious.  They saw themselves as completely righteous, so Jesus was obviously not there for them. He was there for the masses of poor and sick.  Jesus gave no honor to their righteousness.  The zealots saw Jesus as the way to take on Rome and win their national freedom.  The religious ruling class saw Jesus as the one who was going to mess up their lovely system.  No one was really pleased with what Jesus was doing. No one understood His real purpose in being there. Even those He healed and fed were not all pleased with Him. One of His own disciples was so fed up with Jesus that he betrayed Him. So Jesus was crucified.  The Pharisees saw the death of Christ a way to keep them in power and stop the turmoil the zealots of the day were looking for.  Actually, Jesus was crucified by Rome, but the Jews were behind it.  There is no one without guilt in the matter.  The Innocent Lamb was murdered.  He did rise from the dead under His own power in three days, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was rejected and murdered.  Eventually someone was going to pay a price for what was done that day.

But, God is merciful.  Jesus had warned that the Jewish temple would be torn down and that not one stone would be left unturned.  That is what happened in 70AD.  God was merciful in that He gave the Jews almost 30 years to repent.  They didn’t repent, and judgment fell. 

I have been trying to write this article for some time now.  I wanted to tell you what happened in Jerusalem when judgment finally fell.  I just can’t seem to condense it down to something that I can write.  It was awful.  People were slaughtered.  There was a war that went on for several years before Jerusalem fell.  Then it went on after the fall of Jerusalem for several more years as Rome took out pockets of resistance.  One well know pocket of resistance was Masada.  There the Jews took their own lives rather than surrender to the Roman army.  Starvation, murder, slavery, families torn apart.  Yes, judgment fell on Jerusalem and the people who murdered the Son of God. 

I don’t suppose any crime in the history of mankind would equal the murder of Jesus, but there a lot of terrible crimes that go on every day.  I would say the collective biggest crime is the murder of the unborn.  The most helpless among us is treated like nothing.  Of course that crime could only come after the rejection of Jesus.  A nation totally sold out to God is not going to murder the unborn.  So that must be the biggest crime because it opens the door to all other crimes.   When I see the sonograms of the unborn I know that no rational person could possibly doubt their humanity.  Currently Hillary Clinton nonchalantly says that the way our laws are written these tiny human beings are not considered human and have no rights under the constitution.  She is talking like the Nazis of last century who did not see the Jews as people having rights so there was no crime in murdering them. 

The point is that judgment for these crimes will come.  Just because it did not fall when abortion was legalized does not mean it isn’t coming.  Just because judgment did not fall when all manner of ungodly living was legalized does not mean it isn’t coming.  Just because judgment did not come when prayer was kicked out of schools doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.  Any rejection of God’s truth leaves a void that is filled will lies and evil.  The evil grows with each passing day.  Society is crumbling.  Families are falling apart.  The greedy are gaining in power. 

When the Jews were scattered from Jerusalem God didn’t utterly destroy them.  He kept them a distinct people.  God is not finished with them.  Sadly, their time of the worst punishment is yet to come in the time called ‘Jacob’s Troubles’.  This is what Christians know as the great tribulation.  That is what it is going to take to get the Jews to finally turn to Jesus with their whole hearts.  The pride and self righteousness that is keeping them from God will finally break.  They will see the truth and turn to Jesus Christ.

The gentiles are no better than the Jews.  Rejection of Jesus Christ is a national sport right now.  It is more popular than Pokemon Go.  Those who reject Jesus are searching the world over for any remnant of Jesus worship and attempting to be sure it is taken out of the public eye and banished to never see the light of day again.  Do they think judgment will not fall simply because it hasn’t fallen yet?  In the Jews we can see what happens when a people reject God.  Years of sorrow and turmoil are common instead of rare.  In the 2000 years since Jesus came the world has come to know about Jesus Christ, His death for all mankind, His resurrection, and His instructions to tell the world about Jesus Christ.  The pastime of the world has been to make up new ways to reject Christ.  Does the gentile think they will escape judgment simply because it hasn’t fallen yet?  Just how great that judgment will be before the return of Christ is not known.  Currently Christians are being murdered and persecuted around the globe including America.  So-called Christians are working hard to avoid problems with the world system by conforming to the new social norms.  They say the church has to change in order to remain relevant to the people and the time in which we live.  They ignore the fact that the Bible says God doesn’t change. 

It is appalling to watch the so-called church of today water down the Gospel of Jesus Christ to fit the world.  Finding Jesus in the Andy Griffith Show reruns is not going to happen no matter how many churches look for it there.  Actually, I enjoy the show so much that Jerry and I watch the reruns when he gets up to get ready for work.  We dropped cable some time back and looked for something cheerful to start our day instead of the news.  Yes, we watch the first five seasons of the show in order.  Then we start over again.  So, you can honestly say that I definitely have seen all the shows repeatedly.  I can tell you flatly that other than an occasional reference to church or a rare actual church attendance there is nothing in the show that would lead anyone to Christ.  The actors in the show do behave in a way that is morally correct most of the time.  (There are a few scenes with Barney and Thelma Lou that are definitely not examples you would want your teenagers to follow.)  I thought it was bad enough that churches were looking for Jesus in The Andy Griffith Show.  Now it seems another church is looking for the Gospel in a Taylor Swift album.  Believe me, it isn’t there. I can tell you that without even listening to the album.  Jesus Christ is found in the Bible. 

While this foolishness goes on there are many Christians waiting for the judgment of God to fall.   Truly, it is falling already to some extent.  Our national leadership offices are filled by the most ungodly people for the most part.  They are happy to erase any vestige of Jesus Christ in our society.  Judges are happy to disallow Christians to live their faith.  They are happy to throw the words of Christ by which this nation has lived out of public places.  Our borders are open to those who have no part in this nation.  Our money is taxed out of the hands of the working people and distributed to those who have not worked a day to earn anything.  So, yes, judgment is falling.  To what extent Christians will see judgment before the return of Christ is unknown.  Some believers around the world are already facing the ultimate decision.  They will either deny Christ or die.  God have mercy on them.

What we have now is an unknown amount of time to tell the world that Jesus is the only way into heaven.  Let us not waste the time that God has given to us.
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As always, thank you for reading my article.  God bless each of you. 
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