Monday, September 26, 2016

Open Borders and the Real Jesus

Open Borders and the real Jesus
Barbara Henderson

There was a one world government the Bible calls Babel.

Noah was, among many other things, a man who lived at a pivotal point in the history of the world.  Noah and his family saw the corruption of the world before the flood.  They alone of the people on the planet went through the flood.  Then they set out to build a new world.  In this new world did God leave them to their own devices, or did He give them instructions on how to proceed?

He gave them instructions.  He divided the world into three areas, sending Shem to one area, Ham to another area, and Japeth to yet a third area.  So, we have the beginning of division of people into separate groups living in separate areas. 

But, as usual, mankind wasn’t all that obedient to God.  Instead of spreading out over the earth as instructed they stayed in one place.  It was called Babel.  Everyone spoke the same language, and apparently many of them had the same problem.  They were in direct rebellion against God Almighty.  Their intention was to build a tower to heaven.  No one knows exactly what that means, but it doesn’t mean they were going to stack up bricks to reach the home of God.  They were trying to build something that would allow them to enter heaven without going through God and His Son the promised Savior.  They wanted a ‘door’ to heaven.  Maybe they were planning to invade the home of God. 

Now, God had clearly promised that He would not destroy the earth again with a flood.  Yet, here were the disobedient people growing more wicked all the time.  When people reject God that is always what happens.  They grow more and more wicked.  Apparently some of the people were still on the fence regarding whether or not to join the full rebellion against God.  That is my guess.  Anyway, God decided to do something to stop the building of the tower and to get the people to obey His instructions on spreading out and repopulating the earth.  He gave the people different languages.  Imagine a world where everyone spoke the same language.  How much easier would communications be then?  These tower builders all spoke the same language.  They probably went to the same schools and studied the same subjects.  Imagine that!  Then imagine that they suddenly woke up one morning and could only understand one group of people.  So, unable to understand each other it was much easier to do what God had instructed in the first place.  They went out to different parts of the world.

People today often think of those living before the flood and after the flood as some sort of caveman with little understanding or mechanical ability. This is not true.  They were still close to the genetic perfection of Adam and Eve.  They lived in an environment that was far cleaner and healthier than the one in which we live today.  They lived far longer lives.  Don’t imagine they were grunting cavemen.  Imagine them as nearly 4000 years less de-volved than we are today.  Yet, in all their brilliance and closeness to the events the earliest part of the Bible tells us of, they still rejected God.   But, like any generation in rebellion against God, they eventually did reap, at least in part, what they were sowing.  Today their names are not known, but there were probably some very evil leaders much like we have today.  Perhaps they, like our leaders, were concerned about their ‘legacy’.  They wanted a great legacy.  Instead they are forgotten in the pages of history.  Yet, not one of God’s children is forgotten by God.  Our names are written on His hand. Glory to God!

When the children of Israel went into the promised land they were going to receive an inheritance that had been promised to them from the time of Abraham.  There were very specific borders or boundaries for the entire land and for each tribe.  From the time of the dispersion of the people from Babel there were boundaries and different languages.  There have been attempts throughout history to unite the world under one ruler.  One ruler would then set one language.  One ruler would have one belief system.  The people of the world would be on their way to building a new and greater Babel.

You may be wondering how this is going to work out for them.  The answer is not well at all.  God Himself has divided the world into nations and given us many languages.  Those who fight against God never actually win.  God may allow them time to repent before he puts a stop to their rebellion, but He is not mocked.  They will eventually reap what they have sown. 

Today we see a globalist push such as the world has not seen previously.  I say this because travel is so simple and available now.  Instead of military invasions of other nations, the leaders of the world are falling into the rebellion of Babel.  They believe they will be able to unite the world regardless of what God Almighty has to say about it. 

God is not mocked!  Just like at Babel there will be a semblance of a united world at one point in time.  The anti-Christ will be doing his very best to bring all people under his rule.  He will demand worship.  Those who reject him will not be sent to re-education camps.  They will be murdered.  It probably won’t be a simple murder like a bullet to the head or a sword that decapitates in one smooth blow.  It may be something as horrible and unimaginable as crucifixion. 

How do you feel about global open borders?  The Bible is clear that God Himself divided the people into many languages and nations.  What earthly ruler is mighty enough to stand against God?  Will God allow some success in this matter while His mercy still extends to the lost?  No matter the mercy that God allows, the end result will not be a world united under any ruler until Jesus Christ Himself comes to rule.  Don’t be fooled by the silly people claiming Jesus wants open borders, and Jesus wants everyone to be able to vote, and Jesus wants everyone to have exactly the same things.  After all, how could a fair God be pleased with anyone being allowed to keep the things for which they have worked while others have less even though they have not worked?

We live in a world where a ‘Jesus’ is continually created in the image of whatever its human creator wants.  If the human creator of Jesus wants a Jesus who wants open borders, then this is the Jesus they create.  If their version of Jesus needs to be in favor of taking from one person who works to give to another person who doesn’t work, then that is the Jesus they create.  If they want tolerance of every deviant lifestyle, then their Jesus loves and accepts everyone.  This fictional Jesus is always tolerant of things the real Jesus clearly calls sin.  Even though the real Jesus clearly calls many things sin, clearly states there is one way to heaven, and clearly calls Himself God, the fictional Jesus usually does none of these things.  We must be cautious when someone claims Jesus is on their side in whatever political or social battle they are fighting.  If their version of Jesus doesn’t match the Biblical version of Jesus they are definitely not speaking for Jesus Christ. 

Today the name of Jesus often belongs to a fictional character that people bring out to push their own cause.  As with any fictional character the author of the character decides what he/she does, likes, says, looks like, and every other thing that goes into creating a character that does what you want it to be and do.

SO…. When you hear the name of Jesus used in any cause other than salvation by grace through faith it is time to take a closer look at the ‘Jesus’ people are using to promote their cause.  Jesus isn’t for open borders because it was Jesus Himself who created nations and languages.  He did this for the good of mankind.  It was Jesus who said if any won’t work let him not eat.  Families and churches are to care for the sick and disabled.  The government loves to put itself in the place of God, having people look to government to solve their problems instead of looking to God. 

The triune God of the Bible is not a social warrior.  God does make the rules that make a good society when followed.  The problems come in when God’s rules are not followed. Then mankind tries to fix the problems by changing the rules.  Of course it doesn’t work.  The problems become bigger.

Truly, this world is just temporary.  We are here for a short time.  Even the earth itself is only here for a short time when considered in the light of eternity.  The purpose of the earth is to provide a home for people as they make their choice about where they will spend eternity.  God makes the choice very clear and plain.  Anything that clouds the truth is not of God.