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Are You Tired of Living in the State of 'I'm Offended"?

Living in the State of ‘I’m Offended’
Barbara Henderson

Like many people I have spent my life avoiding people who are easily offended.  They want an apology when you do call them because they didn’t feel like talking and you should have known that before you called.  They want an apology when you don’t call because they needed someone to talk to and a real friend would have known that and called them.  And blah, blah, blah.  The nicest thing you can say is this type of high maintenance friend is that you don’t have time for the drama anymore and just please leave me alone.  No one has the time or patience to deal with people like this.  If they are family it gets a little harder to avoid them, but the constant drama involved with trying to have a real relationship with anyone like this, even family, proves far too expensive.

These high maintenance people are the demanding ones at work.  They demand that the coffee machine be put in a different spot, and that everyone takes their turn cleaning the break room even though everyone does not use the break room.  These are the silly little twits that love to micromanage every aspect of your life, but do not want any intervention in their life. 

The difference in these ‘offended’ people and normal people is that their entire life revolves around how they feel about every single thing.  Then because they have certain ‘feelings’, the entire world is supposed to get on their band wagon and make sure their feeling are never hurt.  It is hateful to tell them no.  It is hateful to the point of being a death offence if someone has the gall to tell them, ’No!’.  In today’s world if you tell the wrong sort of person no, then you better be prepared to be called a hater and a bigot.  And there are greedy little pigs called lawyers who are willing to help the offended get money because their feelings tell them they deserve it.  Also, people like this are incredibly hateful spiteful people.  They aren’t happy with anything less than total destruction of the lives of those who offend them.  Currently the lesbian women who sued the Oregon couple for refusing to bake them a cake should be utterly ashamed of themselves.  They have just shown the entire world what spoiled greed brats they actually are.  However the courts should be even more ashamed for not dismissing their case as frivolous, and even more ashamed for actually awarding them money.  The women make their case in the most ridiculous ways possible.  ‘Laurel Bowman-Cryer, who is now “married” to Rachel, sent a complaint to the state, saying that Klein “proceeded to say we were abominations unto the lord” (sic). “This is absolutely unacceptable.”
In a subsequent report, the lesbian couple claimed the incident left them feeling “mentally raped.”
They claimed to suffer from 88 separate symptoms of mental anguish – including “surprise,” being “stunned,” experiencing a “dislike of going to work,” and that one or both of them had resumed smoking.’

I can tell you flatly that I am suffering from many of these same symptoms since learning of this case.  I am definitely offended.  I am stunned by their actions against a God fearing family business!  I have suffered mental anguish because of their hateful spiteful actions.  I am stunned that government is supporting them in his matter.  I have never smoked – but I thought about it after hearing about these two horrible women.    Now, all I need is a brave lawyer to take them on.

Furthermore, the lesbian community has yet to denounce these two spoiled brats.  Seriously, does this mean the entire lesbian community concurs with these two?  Is this what straight people can expect from these bullies?  Is the lesbian community saying,
‘Either you act like I am normal and you approve of me, or I will sue you to ruin.  On the other hand, I have no obligation what so ever to act like a decent human being, or even like a grown up!  If you don’t give us lesbians our way we will sue you!’?  Seriously, no business wants to work with any person or a group that sits around looking for reasons to be offended so they can sue someone. 

Recently I was in an accident in a store parking lot.  While walking to my car pushing a shopping buggy, someone whizzed past me and hit my arm with the mirror of her car.  It twirled me around and almost knocked me down.  It hurt.  I was scared.  My husband almost passed out he was so upset.  The driver of the car called 911, but by the time they got there she was so upset she was almost fainting.  I had to wait in line to get my arm looked at.  I sincerely thank the Lord that I am fine.  So is the car driver and my husband.  I have been contacted by lawyers wanting to know if I need a good lawyer to make sure I get what is due to me under these trying circumstances.  Can you believe that?  I could sue the woman for at least mental anguish.  I could sue the EMT responders because they were more concerned with the driver and my husband with me.  After all, I was supposed to be the center of attention there.  On the other hand I could just chalk it up to living in a busy world.  I will always suppose that my guardian angels were working overtime that day or I could have been in emergency surgery having my arm re-attached.  The point is, there was absolutely no reason there to sue anyone.  If being upset is a reason to sue then every single person on this planet has a reason to sue someone at least once a month.

We are living in the State of Offended.  Some sort of creeping evil has grown over the land of the free like a fungus.  It is made up of greedy selfish people who put themselves in the role of God.  They pretend they have the right to re-define right and wrong according to how they feel at the moment.  They look for reasons to be offended.  Then they look for money to make them feel better. 

The worst thing going on now in the Land of the Offended is that those demanding acceptance refuse to give it.  They have no real reason to be accepted other than they feel like they should be accepted.  So, when a conflict arises between professional Offendeds and everyday people, the Offendeds have no recourse but to call people names.  There is no rational argument that would sway people to their feel good belief system.  If they can’t turn the rest of the world to their side with feelings, then they have no recourse but to vilify anyone and everyone who stands in their way.  They have over used words like homophobic, bigot, racist, and Islam-phobic to the point that the only real meaning is ‘you don’t agree with me – so I am justified in hating you’.  Remember this.  Never has a rational decision been made based on fears and worst case scenarios or feelings.  To have a good outcome in any situation the first part of the decision must be made based on facts.  When the facts are verified as true and right, then a decision can be made based on feelings.  For instance the ‘should I take this job’ question can be answered like this.  The first questions that must be asked are, ‘is it legal?, ‘is it moral?’, ‘will I be required to do anything that seriously makes me uncomfortable?’,  ‘how will this affect my family?’, ‘will this job meet my financial requirements?’, and things like that.  Once those questions are answered then it is time to decide how the applicant feels about the matter.  Reason and moral boundaries come before feelings.

In this ‘land of the Offended’ it turns out that I am personally offended by many things.  I am currently working on how to make a living as a professional ‘Offended’, but it seems to be blocked by my commitment to right and wrong.  For believing thinking Christians to sue the Offendeds would be taking advantage of the simple minded and delusional.  I don’t think that is the way Jesus would have handled the situation.  Jesus stood on the solid rock of God’s word.  He never appeased the political and social powers of the day.  He told the truth. He told the truth boldly and without apology.  Jesus loved people enough to tell them the truth regardless of how it was going to affect Him.  Always remember that Jesus knew the end from the beginning.  He was not taken by surprise by His crucifixion.

Today Christianity is an offense to half the world.  Even many professing Christians are not happy with all the teachings of the Bible.  They like to pick the things that seem good to them and ignore the rest of the Bible.

Under the circumstances it seems a good time to review the fundamentals of the faith:

·         The Bible is without error as it was written.  There are copies of the books dating from antiquity that show it has not been changed.
·         Jesus existed before His incarnation.
·         Jesus is God.
·         Jesus is one member of the Trinity which includes God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  (Jesus is NOT a brother to Lucifer as a major cult claims)
·         Jesus was born of a virgin. 
·         Jesus was/is fully God and fully man
·         Jesus was crucified to death. 
·         Jesus rose on the third day. 
·         Jesus made one way into heaven through Him.  This way is sufficient for everyone.  Everyone gets a first class invitation to enter through the front gate, be adopted by God, and be a joint heir with Jesus.  There is no reason for a second way into heaven.
·         Jesus ascended to Heaven. 
·         Jesus is coming back when He gets good and ready.

These are foundation on which Christianity stands.  All the instructions in the Bible are right and for our good.  We can trust the Bible to tell us the truth.  I know people joke that ‘red letters’ in the Bible are really good because they are the words of Jesus. In reality the entire Bible is made up of the words of Jesus.  The entire book is the inspired and preserved word of God.  Start with verse one of the first book.  ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth’.  Every word between the first word in the Bible all the way to the last word is true.  (Just for your enjoyment here are the last two verses in the Bible.  He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.  Rev. 22:20-21)
As Christians we are to live by the instructions and examples God has given us in the Bible. 
Matthew 24 is a very interesting chapter in light of what is going on in the world today.  Verse 10 says, ‘And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.’ 

The word ‘offended’ seems so appropriate in describing today’s world.  Never in history that I know of has a society believed they had the right to never be offended.  That very thought is offensive at its worst.  The fear of offending someone who might sue you is an attack on freedom of speech.  Free speech is speech without fear of legal action.  Now, free speech is lumped with hate speech; it is considered a crime.  Hate speech seems to be speech that doesn’t agree with what is politically correct at the moment.  The idea that a Christian can be charged with hate speech for simply telling the truth according to Jesus Christ is terrifying. 

Jesus Christ lived with the knowledge that telling the truth was going to get Him into trouble.  He offended the religious self-righteous.  He offended the government.  He offended the lost who refused the offer of salvation He gave them.  Jesus did all this out of love.  His intention was not to offend.  He knew some would find His message offensive, but He told the truth anyway.  That is where we are today.  It is the duty of Christians to tell the truth.  It will definitely offend those who are offended by everything that contradicts their personal ideology.  It will offend the narrow minded who refuse to listen to the truth.  It will offend those who love this world more than anything else.  It will offend those who take no thought for the world of eternal life or eternal death that is coming to us all.  But there will always be some who are not offended. There will always be some who will turn to Jesus Christ and be saved. 

Christians living in the ‘Land of the Offended’ are to follow the instructions in Galatians 6:9 which says, ‘And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.’  It is wearisome that the world seems to think it is fine for them to offend Christians, but that they personally have a right to never be offended.  Our duty is to continue in doing what Christ names as good.  There is a reward coming when God gets ready to give rewards. One reward that can come in this lifetime is to see a lost soul come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

I wrote an article a while back on getting your life out of a rut.  In the article I say that you are out of a rut immediately when you begin to take God seriously throughout the day.  This changes your attitude and your outlook.  Pleasing God becomes the priority for you daily actions.  Life improves immediately.  Today we do need to put pleasing God first.  Offending others because of our stand for Christ may be a byproduct of actions that are right and good.  That doesn’t change our duty to do and say what is right according to Christ.  Unfortunately, many of those who are offended by the teachings of Christ will wind up permanently damned because of their failure to repent and turn from sin.   Christians, God will strengthen us to continue speaking the truth regardless of what offending the professionally offended may cost us.  It will be worth it to see the lost saved.  

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