Friday, March 20, 2009

The Perfect Age - Old Enough to Know Better but Young Enough to do it Anyway


You were born to fight the war between the inner man and the man you see in your mirror. Your war will have many battles. You know you are winning when you are able to say, 'I am old enough to know better - but young enough to do it anyway.

Everyone has a physical age. You were born on a certain day in a certain year. Your body is aging from the day of your birth, and it will eventually become too old and worn out to continue living. No matter what your age, time is running out. You are going to die.

Fortunately for Christians, the physical body is just temporary. It is only necessary while we are locked in time and a physical place. For the Christian, to die is to be separated physically from our families and friends, but it is to be present with the Lord. In fact, the term 'death' means 'separation'. While we live, we are physically separated from God. When we die, we are present with God, but separated from those we love here on earth. Eventually, God will destroy death, and there will be no more separation from our God or our loved ones. Praise the Lord.

Today, we are all trapped in time. We face situations every day that are difficult. Our experiences shape our lives. Disappointment shapes our lives. A material mind set shapes our lives. Hollywood shapes our lives. Music shapes our lives. Over time, we are trapped by our experiences. The older we get, the more sorrow and disappointments we have faced. It may appear that more prayers have gone unanswered than have been answered.

Through all the heartaches and disappoints, we gradually become 'old enough to know better'.

We become old enough to know better than to expect a miracle.

We become old enough to know better than to think our hard work will bring us success.

We become old enough to know better than to think that those who hear the gospel will respond.

We become old enough to know better than to think that those who claim to be Christians will really act like Christians.

The disappointments and cares of this world have weighed heavily on all mankind since the fall from grace in the Garden of Eden. Our shoulders often become so bent with the weight of our burdens that we cannot look up to our Creator. We know that our Redeemer lives, but He seems so very far away. It often seems we have been abandoned to walk through this world alone.

This is not the way it has to be. Even when we are old enough to know better, through Jesus Christ and His power, the inner man can be young enough to do what God asks us to do anyway. It only requires the faith of a child.

The Bible is full of examples of those who were old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.

Take David for example. He was a shepherd. He bravely fought wild beasts in hand to hand combat while he was but a youth. David was old enough to know that a lion or a bear could easily kill him. But David's inner man was strong with faith in God. This made David young enough to fight the bear and lion anyway. David fought the beasts. He won.

David was old enough to know that a giant could easily kill a small youth. Yet in child like faith, David bravely faced the giant in the power of the Living God. He was old enough to know better, but he was young enough to do it anyway. The inner man relied on the power of the Living God instead of what his age and experience had taught him.

Three Hebrew brothers faced the king of the world and refused to obey him, choosing rather to be faithful to the God of their fathers. These three brothers were certainly old enough to know better. They had seen their nation defeated; their families and homes destroyed; and their lives reduced to slavery in a foreign land filled with pagans.

They knew better than to expect a miracle. I am sure the wondered why God had allowed all their tragedies to happen. They could have easily turned from God in anger. Instead, they chose to serve God even though they didn't understand exactly why their trials had come.

Their experiences made them old enough to know better than to trust in God. But their inner man was strong enough to trust God anyway. They bravely trusted God to either deliver them from immediate death, or deliver their souls into heaven.

Daniel 3:17-18 tells of their trouble. It says, 'If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it know unto thee, O king, that we will not serve they gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.'

The brothers had doubtless prayed for the deliverance of their country from Nebechudanzer's army. God had not answered that prayer.

The brother's had doubtless prayed for the safety of their family. God had not answered that prayer, and had instead allowed them to be taken captive and made slaves in the king's palace.

Yet they still had faith that God could deliver them, but they did not know that God would deliver them. In spite of everything, their inner man refused to worship the king, and chose to stand up for their God.

God not only delivered them from being burned alive, He walked in the midst of the fire with them. (v25) The brothers walked out of the fire without even a hint of smoke on their clothing, and the king gave them promotions. (v36)

Abraham was someone who was really old enough to know better. But his inner man was young enough to believe God anyway. Through faith, Abraham and Sarah had a child when they were nearly 100 years old.

Daniel was old enough to know better when he refused to change his prayer habits in order to please the king. He was old enough to know better than to expect hungry lions not to eat him when he was thrown into their den. But Daniel's inner man was young enough to trust God anyway.

Jonathan and his armor bearer were old enough to know that one warrior and his armor bearer could not slaughter twenty men in one battle. But their inner man was young enough in spirit to know that they could not fail when God personally delivered the enemy into their hand. (I Samuel 14:14)

Noah was old enough to know better than to believe that it would rain, since it had never rained since the creation of man. All those around Noah were also old enough to know better. I am sure they told him so continually.

They probably said something like, 'You big dummy. We don't even have a dictionary definition of 'rain', 'ark', or 'boat'. You are totally crazy. You are probably just trying to get some sort of state pension for lunatics.'

Noah suffered their taunts 100 years before God brought the destruction of the flood. Noah's inner man had enough faith to believe God and be obedient to God in spite of what his eyes and ears and the years of his life told him. He bravely continued onward in the task God had given him. Lonely are the brave, for Noah had no converts beyond his immediate family. To be truly brave requires an inner man with the strength of a giant.

All these people walked by faith, not by sight. The inner man who is continually seeking God never grows old; he just grows stronger. He remains eternally young enough 'to do it anyway' (whatever God calls him to do).

Now Christians are facing a world that grows increasingly hostile and frightening with each passing day. Jesus Christ, the Hope and Salvation of all who believe, is being pushed out of the public eye as though He were a leper instead of the Redeemer.

Even very young Christians are old enough to have seen the seeming defeat of Christian morals and principles in every level of social, political, and religious arenas. The current response to the ineffectiveness of Christianity is to change Christian teachings to something that is more suited to the so called 'needs' of today's society. The plan is to 'get people into church' and then throw a little gospel in with the entertainment. Christian leaders are old enough to know better than to preach the gospel according to Jesus Christ. Their inner man has the strength of a two day old baby.

Adoniram Judson was old enough to know better than to refuse the offer of pastoring a church in Boston in order to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Burma, but his inner man was strong and his spirit was young enough to do it anyway.

That young missionary who came to our church was headed for the Philippines. He played the viola in a manner worthy of a great concert hall. He sounded like a full orchestra all by himself. I know he was old enough to know better than to give up a career in music to go to the Philippines where missionaries are being murdered by Moslems. Those who hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ because of this missionary will be eternally grateful that he strengthened his inner man, and ignored the message of the world.

There was a father who was so tired and worn that he thought another day on the job would surely kill him. It was a dead end job; bills were piling up; his wife was restless; life was very hard. His experiences told him nothing would change.

He thought, 'This is reality; get used to it.' But his spirit was young enough to know that God can change things in an instant. He got up; did his job; studied his bible; and asked wisdom of the Lord. The Lord changed his attitude, and then He changed his life. His Christian brother, facing the same set of problems, continued to live by sight. His inner man was starving. His life never changed

There was a Christian mother who was deserted by her husband and family. She was on welfare with no one to help her. Generations of those around her were living the same life. No one ever escaped such poverty and hopelessness.

She thought, 'This is reality; get used to it.' But her spirit was young enough to know that God can change things in an instant.' She got on her knees and asked wisdom and understanding of God. She believed His promise that he would help her. God strengthened the spirit inside her. Her life improved. By faith she glimpsed a better life. She began walking in the hope that comes from God. Her life improved. Welfare became a thing of the past. Although she was a single mother, she managed to raise her children to love God and keep the commandments. She was old enough to know that joy and success do not come to people in her station in life. She was young enough in spirit to believe that God had something better for her and her children. She was not disappointed.

Sometimes, the help God provides does not come in the form we are expecting. Often times, help from God is strength to endure what trials we face as we go through them. Sometimes He delivers us speedily. Sometimes, we must endure until he delivers us eventually. The ageless spirit that walks by faith will remain young enough to do what God calls us to do regardless of what our experiences tell us, or the length of time God takes to solve the problem.

Dear Christian brothers and sisters, is there some desire in your heart that God has put there?

Do you want to do something for Jesus, but are you to old?

Do your life experiences tell you it is impossible?

Have you stopped praying for a lost brother or sister because your experience tells you it is impossible for them to be saved?

Have you given up being delivered from a particular sin in your life because your experience tells you that it is impossible to be delivered?

Have you been sidetracked from a calling God gave you, and now your life experiences tells you it is impossible to return to God and begin a new walk with Him?

Forget what your eyes see and what your ears hear.

Forget self condemnation, for with repentance there is forgiveness of sins. You have a clean slate on which to begin again.

Forget your old hurts and disappointments.

Forget the things of the world without which you think you cannot live. These are the things that keep you 'old enough to know better'.

Listen instead to the ageless spirit born of God in your heart.

Strengthen the inner man.

Then you will be young enough to do what God calls you to do in spite of circumstances or physical age.

In Ephesians chapter 3:16 Paul prays that the inner man be strengthened with might by His spirit.

II Corinthians says, 'but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.

Make the time to feed the inner man.

Read your Bible.

Listen to godly sermons daily. Good sermons are readily available free on the internet. Repent of what you know is wrong in your life.

Ask God to show you what is bothering Him about your life, and then repent immediately.

You have permission to boldly approach the throne of grace with your prayers. (Hebrews 4:16) Jesus will intercede for you. (Hebrews 7:25)

The Day of the Lord is approaching. Trials for every believer are on the horizon. The outer man cannot bravely face even the every day trials of life, much less the open persecution that is going on in the world today. Even America is telling Christians they cannot pray in the name of our Redeemer Jesus Christ in public. It seems like we are living in the last scene of a tragic movie where the light of goodness is obscured by the shadows of evil covering the land.

Yet, Christians still have tasks to do. The world, and our personal experiences in our lives, are screaming:

'That is impossible!'

'And if it WERE possible, YOU are too old to do it anyway!'

What the world is forgetting is:

Your spirit is eternal and without age, so you can never be too old (or too young and inexperienced) to do what God wants you to do.


With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27).

With God nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37).

So there you have it. The absolutely perfect age is:

Old enough to know better, but young enough to trust God to help you do it anyway.

Thank you for reading my article. God bless you.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Government Orchestrated Starvation of Discenting Citizens

The current liberal government in the USA is intent on caring for its citizens. This requires that they keep our food supply safe. You might think this means the FDA will begin a more careful inspection of foods imported from places like China and Mexic. After all, those are two places that have recently shipped in food that was not even fit for animal consumption.
Unfortunately, the government has other plans in mind. They are dreaming of regulating food grown by small farmers here in the USA.
An article on World Net Daily says, ‘DeLauro's act calls for the Food Safety Administration to create a "national traceability system" to retrieve history, use and location of each food product through all stages of production, processing and distribution.’
SO, what they are interested in is NOT providing for anyone’s safety.

The government is also dabbling in stopping big farms from stirring up dust in the process of growing and harvesting food. No, I am not kidding.

Now, I believe there are probably some well meaning morons who are attempting to save the planet and provide for the common good.
There are some who are taking a long term view. They want:
Control of everyone and everything - this can be achieved through the food supply.

They are willing to sacrifice as much of the population as required in order to achieve their goals. That means if you don’t get on their bandwagon, you will be systematically starved to death. You will also watch your children starve.

That is EXACTLY the way it worked in Communist Russia/Soviet Union.
Here is an exert from Wickepedia that gives an outline of how it was done during Lenin reign. That is how it could happen right here right now.

During the civil war, as an attempt to maintain food supply to the cities and the army in the conditions of economic collapse, the Bolsheviks adopted the policy of War Communism.

That involved “requisitioning” supplies from the peasantry for little or nothing in exchange.

This led the peasants to drastically reduce their crop production.
Additionally, according to the official Bolshevik view which is still shared by some Marxists,[92] rich peasants (kulaks) withheld grain in order to increase their profits – statistics indicate that most of the grain and the other food supplies passed through the black market.[93]

Then, the Bolshevik requisitions came to affect the food that peasants had grown for their own subsistence and their seed grain.

The resulting conflicts began with the Cheka and the army shooting hostages, and, according to The Black Book of Communism, ended with a second full-scale civil war against the peasantry, including the use of poison gas, death camps, and deportations.

The same source emphasizes that in 1920, Lenin ordered increased emphasis on the food requisitioning from the peasantry, at the same time as the Cheka gave detailed reports about the large scale famine.[94] The long war and a drought in 1921 also contributed to the famine. Estimates on the deaths from this famine are between 3 and 10 million.[95][96]

The long years of war, the Bolshevik policy of War Communism, famine and the encirclement of hostile governments took their toll on Russia, however, and much of the country lay in ruins. There were many peasant uprisings, the largest being the Tambov rebellion.

After an uprising by the sailors at Kronstadt in March 1921, Lenin replaced the policy of War Communism with the New Economic Policy (NEP), in a successful attempt to rebuild industry and especially agriculture.

The new policy was based on recognition of political and economic realities, though it was intended merely as a tactical retreat from the socialist ideal. The whole policy was later reversed by Stalin.

Now – that is where we are headed not only here in the USA, but globally as well. There is another down side to this.
Even if a back yard farmer managed somehow to grow a little food for personal use, there will be bands of hungry people roaming the countryside.
What the government does not take, thieves probably will.

It is good for us to provide for our future as best we can, but the future envisioned by the globalists is beyond our power to fully escape on this earth.
Our trust must be in God.
He is the One who is able to keep us alive in famine, and even send prosperity.

Psalm 33:18-22 says:
18. Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy;
19. To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine.
20. Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield.
21. For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name.
22. Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.

The government is attempting to make people more dependent on them for help in crisis and salvation from all their problems.
When everyone worships the government, the government will be in total control. They will push harder and harder in order to achieve their goal.
That means ridding the world of those who will not accede to their control.
I don’t know exactly how much of their agenda can be delayed.
Christians do have recourse.
It is called PRAYER.
Pray and have faith like the Psalmist of Psalm chapter 33.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What Will and Won't Be in Heaven?

What Will Be and Won’t Be in Heaven?

Heaven is the eternal destination of all believers.
I often consider the things that will and won’t be in heaven.
There won’t be any sin, sorrow, heartbreak, disappointments, or even tears in heaven.
There won’t be any temptations.
There won’t even be any sin at all.

There won’t be any difference of opinion on the truth’s of God.
That means ONLY those who go to God according to His instructions will reach the heavenly city. Someone once told me he hoped heaven was a big place so God could put factions who disagree with each other in very different locations. After all, if God put the Moslems and the Christians on the same block, it would just be the same old problems all over again. And, no, I am not making that up. The guy actually said that. He came from a Christian background – but he was ‘enlightened’ when he went to college and gave up all that exclusive ideology. I have news for him which I delivered in person the same time he gave me his thoughts on heaven. People who don’t agree with the God of creation on how to get into heaven will not be in heaven. They will be in a place other gods call ‘heaven’, but it will be the place God calls hell.

There won’t be any who oppose God.
God’s truth will be written in the hearts of all the inhabitants of heaven.

Without the difference of opinion regarding truth and the right way to get things done, there won’t be any war. Imagine that! No war. Really.

However, there will be individuality.
Within the boundaries of God’s truth, and His righteousness, there will be ba-zillions of individuals. God isn’t interested in clones. One of each of us enough.
God creates each snowflake unique. He likes variety. If god had wanted a bunch of zombie like beings, He could have made them and integrated them into heaven much more easily than what He has gone through with mankind.

We will know each other in heaven. Jesus disciples even knew Moses and Elijah at the transfiguration, and they had never even met them. We will know each other.

There is a song called ‘Sweet Beulah Land’. A line from the song says, ‘no sad farewells will there be spoken, for time won’t matter anymore.’ I don’t really understand how that works, but we will not be limited by the constraints of time as we now know it.

There will be no boredom in heaven. We just aren’t able to comprehend all the things that God has for those who love Him. I am afraid the flip side of that is that no one is fully able to comprehend the evil that Satan has for those who hate God.

Here is a favorite song about heaven. Click the link to listen to the tune while you read the words.
Pearly White City

There’s a holy and beautiful city
Whose Builder and Ruler is God;
John saw it descending from Heaven,
When Patmos, in exile, he trod;
Its high, massive wall is of jasper,
The city itself is pure gold;
And when my frail tent here is folded,
Mine eyes shall its glory behold.
In that bright city, pearly white city,
I have a mansion, a harp, and a crown;
Now I am watching, waiting, and longing,
For the white city that’s soon coming down.
No sin is allowed in that city
And nothing defiling or mean;
No pain and no sickness can enter,
No crepe on the doorknob is seen;
Earth’s sorrows and cares are forgotten,
No tempter is there to annoy;
No parting words ever are spoken,
There’s nothing to hurt or destroy.
No heartaches are known in that city,
No tears ever moisten the eyes;
There’s no disappointment in Heaven,
No envy and strife in the sky;
The saints are all sanctified wholly,
They live in sweet harmony there;
My heart is now set on that city,
And some day its blessings I’ll share.
My loved ones are gathering yonder,
My friends too are passing away,
And soon I shall join their bright number,
And dwell in eternity’s day;
They’re safe now in glory with Jesus,
Their trials and battles are past.
They overcame sin and the tempter,
They’ve reached that fair city at last.

Dear Reader, if you are saved, I will see you in heaven.
If you are not numbered among the saved, the followers of Jesus Christ, you still have time today. You don’t know about tomorrow, but you have right now. Don’t delay. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be save.

1. Acts 16:31
And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.
Acts 16:30-32 (in Context) Acts 16 (Whole Chapter)
2. Romans 10:9
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Romans 10:8-10 (in Context) Romans 10 (Whole Chapter)

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Thank you.
Barbara Henderson