Saturday, May 9, 2015

Islam is the Elephant in the Room that No One Wants to Face

The Elephant in the Room
Barbara Henderson

I’ll just give away exactly who or what the elephant in the room is.  It is Islam and its followers.  From the very beginning of modern terrorist activities by Moslems the world has stood on its head to proclaim ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.  Um no… It is not.  Islam is very similar to many other religions in that most followers of Islam don’t take it seriously.  They go through the rituals that the religion requires and believe if they are good enough they will get into heaven.  Islam is different in that it is both a religion and a government.  Or at least it wants to be both. 

The current problem with Islam is that the world is screaming that Islam is a religion of peace and that a few evil men have hijacked Islam.  The absolute truth is that Islam is not a religion of anything except violence, murder, and mayhem. 
And no,
I am not ‘Islamophobic’. 
I am honest.
People may be correct in saying that most Moslems are not murderous.  What makes the murderers different from the others?  It is very simple.  The murderous Moslems read the Koran and then apply Koran teachings to personal actions.  If they get serious about wanting to go to heaven what other choice do they have?  If they are staying within the boundaries of Islam then their options for guaranteed entry into heaven is to murder those who refuse to cow-tow to their god and their way of life. 

Most Moslems will never go into Jihad.  But how often do you hear them crying against the evil that is being done in the name of Islam?  And do you see them fighting to stop aggression against innocent people?  An example going on right now is in Egypt which is nation that receives about a billion dollars of foreign aid from the USA.  Don’t ask me to explain that.  We give them money to be bad and require nothing in return.  What we don’t get is safety for Christians in Egypt.  Currently five Coptic boys in Egypt are charged with blasphemy.  Their crime is making fun of ISIS.  So, if Egypt is charging young students with blasphemy for making fun of what should be an embarrassment to Islam, then Egypt is part of the problem.  There is no way they can claim to be a ‘religion of peace’ while demanding that the world allow their more devout members to slaughter at will.  To say the very least the moderates are full participants in the ‘intimidate’ the rest of the world crowd.

Islam is currently being allowed the ‘right’ to engage in uninhibited intimidation against anyone who rejects Islam.  This right is bestowed upon them by the so-called free press, governments, and societies incapable of determining their own best interests. 

Last week the news was filled with the Mohammad cartoon contest held in Garland, Texas.  This was called blasphemy by Moslems.  So, they felt they were justified in attempting to murder all the people who participated in the event.  Fortunately the attackers were stopped before they could kill anyone.  They were actually shot dead.  The world in general cried out not against Islam but against people who antagonized Moslems!  It wasn’t free speech according to the likes of Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Channel.  The Associated Press lamented the death of the two terrorists.  Personally, I would not have attended the event or drawn a cartoon.  However, if these people want to do that, then let them do it.  For one thing, Mohammad is the real blasphemer!  He rejects Jesus Christ and follows the devil.  He certainly gets no respect from me.  I see the frustration of those wanting to do something to stop the spread of this evil.  Instead of working to stop sects like ISIS liberal society and governments are stopping anyone from even criticizing it!  That is definitely an elephant in the room.

Currently, cartooning is a simple way to protest the free pass that Islam is getting around the world in spite of the atrocities committed in its name on a daily basis.  Islam doesn’t care; just don’t blaspheme their prophet.  People against Islam have no voice in the world.  We are told to shut up and let Islam alone.  No one cares what evil is going on in the name of Allah.  They just don’t want anyone to say anything bad/truthful about their false prophet.  Well, I can tell you one true thing about him.  He was a man.  He died.  He stayed dead.  He will not rise on his own.  He will rise when Jesus Christ says he will rise.  He will face the judgment.  He will spend eternity in hell.  That is the truth. 

It is definitely true that many if not most followers of Islam are just ritual followers who don’t actually read their book and apply its teaching to their personal life.  When Moslems start to take the teachings of their book seriously the world needs to tremble.  Only evil will come of it as clearly proven by the wickedness currently going on in the world.  ISIS is just one name.  They may have different leaders and some differences in their theology, but all arms of Islam lead to hell.

It is also definitely true that many people in any religion are simple ritual followers of that religion.  They go through the motions.  They like rituals.  They like the feeling of having worshipped.  Feelings are worshipped over actual worship of God.

When anyone begins to seek more than they can find in social rituals and companionships that go with their religion they begin to read their book.  Or books.  Some people read commentaries.  Christians begin to read the Bible.  They begin to apply Bible teachings to personal actions just like those who read the Koran do.  The difference is what is taught in the Bible and what is taught in the Koran.  Reading the Bible will not lead you to slaughter unbelievers in order to go to heaven.  It will lead one to repent of personal sins, turn from sin, and make peace with God through Jesus Christ.  Then it will lead to evangelism.  Once again the difference in Islam and Christianity is going to be that people are invited into the family of Almighty God.  They are not threatened and murdered if they refuse to convert. 

Murder of those who won’t convert has happened in the name of Christ, but that is strictly condemned by God.  It is not allowed and is not taught in the Bible.  Those who committed such a crime against God will face judgment for their sins. The Koran does teach that those who refuse to convert to Islam can be severely mistreated and then murdered.  The Bible teaches that we are to love our enemies and treat others the way we want to be treated.  In spite of severe persecution the Apostle Paul kept preaching Jesus Christ as the way, the truth, and the life.  Christians are allowed self-defense.  Sometimes there is no chance of self defense.  We have seen artists pictures or read descriptions of Christians being fed to the lions and other torturous deaths.  They are said to have gone meekly like a lamb to the slaughter. I believe they did just that.  However, that does not mean they submitted meekly to the point where they would be martyred.  They probably fought very hard to stay safe and keep their family safe.  God does not ask us to go out and seek martyrdom.  We are to live our lives within the boundaries for godly living set down by God in His written word.  If that leads us to persecution then He will strengthen us to deal with it when it comes.  Christians are in no wise asked to go out and murder those who profane the name of Christ. 
I will say once again that when Moslems begin to take the teachings of their book seriously the world needs to tremble.  But more importantly, when Christians begin to take the teachings of the Bible seriously the world needs to tremble even more.  The Bible is the written word of the God of creation.  Do not be fooled by the false assertion that we all worship the same God.  We most certainly do not.  People worship either the Almighty God of creation or God’s adversary the devil.  God Almighty makes it very clear who He is through His written word.  The devil  offers many ways to the place he calls heaven.  God rightly names the devil’s kingdom as hell.  It is a place of separation from God for eternity.  In that place there will be none of the goodness of God.  There will be no love, joy, light, friendship, family, peace, comfort, pleasantries, or anything good.  That will be the eternal home of those who reject the God of creation who is the Triune God of the Bible.  The Bible says, ‘I hate every false way.’  (Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Psalm 119:104) The reason false ways are to be hated is that they lead directly to hell.  It isn’t popular to preach this message, but it is better to preach an unpopular message that is true than a false message that is popular.