Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peter the Fisherman Catches His Limit!

This is from Matthew Henry's Bible Commentary on Luke 5:1-11 - with my thoughts on what Matthew Henry had to say.
1. When Christ had done preaching, he told Peter to apply to the business of his calling.
I found it very interesting that Matthew Henry referred to Peter's profession as a fisherman as a 'calling'. I believe that EVERYONE has a calling, but that true 'callings' are often set aside in favor of making money.

Time spent on week days in public exercises of religion, need be but little hinderance in time, and may be great furtherance to us in temper of mind, as to our worldly business. With what cheerfulness may we go about the duties of our calling, when we have been with God, and thus have our worldly employments sanctified to us by the word and prayer! Though they had taken nothing, yet Christ told them to let down their nets again. We must not abruptly quit our callings because we have not the success in them we desire.
When a Christian is convinced of a calling from God they do not readily give up their calling/profession even though they are apparently failing at what they are doing. They continue doing what Christ has called them to do. They know that to depart from doing what Christ is calling them to do is to step into disaster!

We are likely to speed well, when we follow the guidance of Christ's word. The draught of fishes was by a miracle.
The smoothest path for any Christian is the path that directs leads them too and through the calling that God has given them. The things accomplished may be much more than our eyes can see.

We must all, like Peter, own ourselves to be sinful men, therefore Jesus Christ might justly depart from us. But we must beseech him that he would not depart; for woe unto us if the Saviour depart from sinners! Rather let us entreat him to come and dwell in our hearts by faith, that he may transform and cleanse them.
Christians should be daily seeking a closer walk with Jesus Christ.

These fishermen forsook all, and followed Jesus, when their calling prospered. When riches increase, and we are tempted to set our hearts upon them, then to quit them for Christ is thankworthy.
The catch that day was probably the largest catch of Peter's life, but he was not blinded by the money he was going to make from the sale of the fish. On that day, Peter saw that the fish were just a gift from the Master of Gifts. They pointed Peter to Christ. Peter looked beyond the temporary wealth of his 'fishing industry', recognized that his success was through the power of Christ. And he forsook all and followed Jesus Christ.
This is what Christ wants from believers today. When He gives us gifts, we should be like Peter and look beyond the gifts to the Gift Giver. We should follow Jesus Christ.