Friday, February 12, 2010

Forget 'Bipartisan' and Stop Compromising

Quote for the Day:
The party of compromise is always moving in the direction that is opposite of the direction in which it really wants to go. Barbara Henderson

Are you sick of hearing that people just want congress and the senate to work together for the good of the country in a bipartisan way? I sure am. Such talk is social dribble, and indicates that the speaker really doesn’t have any idea of what is good for the country. They sound like pre-school teachers telling all the students to ‘play nice now’, and ‘try to get along’. Such lukewarm, namby pampy drivel makes me want to vomit.

As always throughout history, there are two ideologies at war.

One ideology or philosophy is that people exist to serve the state;
the other is that people should be free to chose what they do with their lives.
There is no real middle ground on any important issue.

Today, in the United States, we have a house divided, but not by much if we judge by what we see going on in congress. The liberals have the ball and are moving forward as fast as they can. The so called conservatives are whining like babies about not being included in the decision making process. They want to be included so badly that they compromise their own ideas and beliefs, and those of the people they represent in order to ‘be included’.

The rabid liberals are pushing with all their might toward a more socialistic state. They want more government power and authority in every conceivable area of life.

On the other had there is a conservative mindset of those who believe that the less government the better. They believe in less taxes, less government regulations, states’ rights, and generally that all powers not expressly given to the government do not belong to the government.

When these two ideologies come together in the legislative branches of our government, the end result should be extreme opposition. The idea that these two ideologies can work together for the common good is pure garbage. Each ideology has an opposite picture of exactly what the common good is. Each should be fighting tooth and nail to prevent legislation and regulations that oppose their own ideology.

Unfortunately, only the liberals seem to understand that. Conservatives seem far more willing to compromise. They are blindly going along pretending that if they give a little, then the liberals will give a little. Look where it has gotten us.

Then, there is the blame game. Both political parties blame every ill in the nation on the other party. Truly, the ‘blame’ rests on compromise. What on earth can a committed conservative have in common with a committed liberal? They are opposite ends of the poles. There is no middle ground, and to compromise is to compromise one’s moral standard.

The true villain is compromise which is also called ‘bipartisanship’. Now, just for a minute, let’s think really hard. Try to come up with something on which the liberals and conservatives could work together in a bipartisan way. Hmmm, thinking, thinking, still thinking. OK – I’ve got it. They could work together on choosing a color for the new carpet in the halls of congress. Or, they could work together on choosing a menu for the next luncheon planned for visiting diplomats.

On the other hand, liberals and conservatives cannot work together on issues of morality because they have opposing views on what is moral and what is not. They cannot work together on tax issues because the liberal will always tax more; and, a true conservative will always tax less.

Right now we are seeing so-called conservatives like the newly elected Republican Senator who won Ted Kennedy’s seat defining himself as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. He is not a true conservative. He may be the best they could come up with at the moment, but he will make compromises that are not in keeping with true conservative dogma.

Committed conservatives are growing increasingly frustrated with the push for compromise and bipartisanship in congress and the senate. This is seen in the Tea Party movement. This movement is not pleasing to either democrats or republicans. It challenges the status quo. Republicans have taken the hard working conservatives for granite for generations now. There mindset has been, ‘Well, where are they going to go? We have their vote because they don’t have any other choice.’ Then, in order to play to the middle Republicans have moved steadily toward the left, hoping to get more votes. In short, many if not most elected Republicans have become what they are supposed to oppose.

What the Tea Party movement can do is:

Force Republicans to move back to the right, or risk losing elections. Conservatives are sick of being taken for granite by the Republican Party. They are sick of watching their elected representatives compromise in order to bring in liberal voters. As someone who has consistently voted Republican all my life, I have come to the conclusion that until Republican leadership shows some respect for my vote, they are not necessarily going to get it. If that means I have to vote for a third party candidate, then that is what I am going to do. Voting Republican has not produced the results I want anyway.

Force Democrats to move to the right as well. Liberals don’t like a big difference in candidates. They don’t want their true agenda contrasted too much with the conservative world view.

In short the Tea Party movement can put conservatives in charge of the political direction of this nation. Honestly, any nation is always moving to the right or to the left. The party of compromise is always moving in the direction that is opposite of the direction in which they really want to go.

So, Republicans, here is the message from the people who put you in power.
Stop Compromising.
Stop the bipartisan garbage.
Do what is right according to traditional conservative American values.
If you do these things, you just might be the party in power next year.
If you don't do these things, you need to remember one thing.
Bipartisan legislation is for losers.