Monday, March 8, 2010

The Party of Less Has My Vote!

The party of less has my vote.
I don’t care what they call themselves.
The people of America have a right to expect less of government than we are currently getting.

We want:

Less Taxation
Less government regulations and control
Less government intrusion into our lives

Now what is so hard to understand about that? The platform that we want as the basis for the conservative party is LESS! Less of everything related to government!

Less taxes. The government gets far too much of our hard earned money and spends it on programs that do not benefit us. In fact, most of the government spending is meant to make people dependent on the government for their basic necessities. In a very real sense, it causes people to look to the government to supply their needs instead of to God. What a poor exchange this is for everyone involved.

Less regulation! The best way to stimulate the economy is for the government to get their noses out of business. How many of the people who are unemployed would like to begin a small mom and pop business? They might like to begin with no employees at all. They just want a way to make enough to support their families.

Less government intrusion into our lives.
Government – get out of our business.
Citizens of the United States do not need our government to tell us how to live our lives.
We don’t need you to force us to get health insurance. We can get insurance cheaper than your program anyway. We are intelligent enough to make the decision that we cannot afford insurance and live with the risks involved. How dare you – Democrat congress and president – tell me – I will force you to buy health insurance? That is none of your business. Get your nose out of it! The government has quoted that 50,000 people a year die from lack of health insurance. They don’t make it clear that 50,000 people a year with insurance die from infections they get while they are in the hospital!,2933,587357,00.html
The TRUTH is that people without insurance CAN go to the hospital and get treatment when they need it. The TRUTH is that people with insurance will still be overwhelmed with debt if they have a serious illness. We do not need government regulations to solve the problem. We need LESS government regulation to improve the situation.

Hate crimes? What sort of baloney is that? This nothing more than a direct assault on freedom of speech. People will have evil passions until the end of history. You can’t tell people what to think, and for you to punish people for saying what they want to say is infringing on free speech. Who are you to determine what is hate speech anyway? I think it is hate speech when you condemn free speech. Do you hate freedom of speech? Or do you fear freedom of speech?
Will you now propose legislation that condemns certain questions as ‘hate questions’ because they might cause people to think for themselves?

Currently, there is legislation supported by John McCain to regulate vitamin supplements. This is nothing but excessive government control. And, he of all people, should know the end result of extreme government control, having spent years in a prison of regime who advocates government control of every aspect of life. Where would such legislation lead? Would be limited to how much orange juice we could drink in one day – lest we get too much vitamin c?
( ) This proposed legislation proves that the problem of too much government is not limited to any political party. It is a mindset prevalent in both parties that
believes that the government should control exactly how you live your life.

There are still many private citizens who love the freedoms on which this nation was founded. There are others who may not love all the freedoms determined by the founders of this nation to be inalienable rights given by our Creator. Maybe some of these lovers of freedom don’t even believe in the Creator worshiped by the founders of this nation. But, there is one uniting factor. They (we) all hate government intrusion.

It is time to demand less of our elected officials. We want you out of our lives.
That is what the Tea Party is all about.
That is what the Republican party should concern itself with now.
To the Republican’s in office, clearly write and publish in all avenues of media that you are now the Party of Less. The Republican party, in its efforts to get along and engage in bipartisanship, is destroying their own foundation. Currently it appears they stand for nothing except to kiss the behinds of the majority.

The political parties and the news media are going to have to accept the fact that those who are cheering for the Tea Party are not a fringe element of society. They are people who are willing to speak out against the status quo in order to preserve the freedoms we have left, and to restore freedoms that have been and are being taken from us.

To those of you on the fence, think about this. We currently have the right to speak out and to vote and to vote as we choose. But, do you see our freedom of speech being limited and even stifled? If we are willing to give up freedom of speech, then what other freedoms will be required to give up?

If we do not elect officials who support less government, then we will continue to find that every citizen winds up with less of everything!

Barbara Henderson