Monday, January 4, 2010

Will you say a prayer for my mom?

My mom needs a little help.
She needs your prayers that her new business will prosper.
Mom will be 78 this week, and she started a business raising registered Siberian cats to earn a little money after my dad died in February of 2009.
She has show quality pets at a pet price.
The problem is that mom is not a salesman. In fact - in my entire family there is not a real salesman in the bunch.
I am not asking any of you to buy a cat.
I am asking you to please pray that the Lord will send buyers for the two kittens mom has now, and people for the waiting list for her next litter.

Also, I am so thankful that the Lord cares about the things that are important to us, but may seem small to the rest of the world.

If you have time, please take a minute to email mom and just tell her that you are praying for her.

Here is a little about mom - you can read it here or visit her web page.

Thank you so very much.

Meet Our Mom – Chirpy Wright – owner of Midnite Sun Cattery.

Mom was born in 1932. She married our dad when she was just seventeen. Together they raised six children and had many adventures together. They were very happily married until dad passed away in February of 2009. Mom cared for dad during a lengthy battle with lung cancer.

After dad died mom had two problems.
First, she had never lived in a house alone her entire life. She was lonely.
Second, she lost part of her income when dad died, so she really needed a way to make a little money. Now, there aren’t too many jobs or business opportunities available for a woman in mom’s age bracket.

Then mom met my cat Sofie. Sofie is a Siberian cat, who actually did come from Siberia! Mom is normally allergic to cats, but she had no reaction to Sofie. Then she fell in love with Sofie and decided to start a business raising Siberian cats. We were all shocked. ‘We’ being me and my three brothers and one remaining sister.

After quite a bit of searching mom was able to obtain both a male and female Siberian from Vickie, a lady in Louisiana who raises Siberians for show. ( )

You can see the photos of Opal and Sunny on mom’s home page. ( )

That is how mom’s excellent adventure raising Siberian cats began.

Mom’s strong faith in the God of the Bible has helped her cope with life without our dad. Dad always liked cats, but with mom’s allergies to them, they were not able to have a cat. Mom wishes they had known about them while dad was living as it would have been such a pleasure to dad to have had a cat during his last two years as he was housebound most of the time.

So, that is a little about our mom. I wish everyone had a mom like ours. We all thank God for her, and for her example to us. Use large print if you email mom because she is vision impaired.

Thank you all.