Friday, March 26, 2010

Taxed into Involuntary Servitude!

Taxed into Involuntary Servitude!
Is Civil War Looming on the Horizon?
by Barbara Henderson

When the Declaration of Independence was written, the people knew that it meant that war was coming to the soil of America. They knew their own families would be involved. The effectively put the entire population of the colonies in a war zone.

Why did they do that? What was so important that the writers and the people of the colonies would risk everything? They were certain that their freedoms were being taken away; AND – that the English government was taking away their money as well. In effect, the lives of the people existed to serve the greed of the government. They were spending their own lives in toil for goods which they themselves were not allowed to enjoy. Is this not ‘involuntary servitude’ (also known as slavery)?

How did such tyranny come about you might be asking yourself. In the Thirteen Colonies there existed a wealth of raw goods and materials. That was just what England needed to supply their factories. England passed laws and enforced tariffs that made it illegal for the Colonies to sell their raw materials to anyone but England. If raw materials were sold to any other country, high export taxes were charged. Anyway the people looked at it, they were working as slaves for the British. Then, to make matters worse, England sold the finished products back to the Colonies at a great price. The Colonies had more money going out than they had coming in. They were going bankrupt. The people of the Colonies were tired of working from sun up to sun down and still not being able to prosper. They were getting farther and farther behind. They wanted to enjoy what their own work had produced. Instead, some fat cat in England was enjoying prosperity. The colonists themselves were just going deeper into poverty. The government should have listened to them before the situation got so bad. The people were taxed into involuntary servitude and they rebelled.

When the Southern states began to cede from the United States they knew war might come. Why were they willing to put their own families in a war zone? Why were they willing to risk everything? Keep in mind that the more than 80% of the Southerners had no slaves, yet they fought the war. They were outnumbered. They were poor. The South actually began the war bankrupt.
And why was that you might ask. It was for the same reason the Thirteen Colonies were bankrupt when the Revolutionary War broke out. The North had the upper hand in the halls of government. The North had the factories just like England had the factories preceding the Revolutionary War. The North passed laws and taxed just like England had done as well. Raw goods from the South had to be sold to the North at low prices. To sell outside the United States required high export taxes to be paid. In short, more money was going out of the South than was coming in. Sure, a few people may have been enjoying prosperity, but the vast majority of the people were taxed beyond what they were willing to endure. They were tired of working from sun up to sun down without rest, and yet getting farther and farther behind. Sure, some fat cats were probably prospering and getting ahead. But, the vast majority of people were just getting farther and farther behind. They had been taxed into involuntary servitude and they rebelled. The government should have listened to the people before things went so far.

When the Tea Party movement began, why prompted people to spend their time going to protests and carrying signs instead of watching the news and griping about how the government was being run? Why are people so angry about the health care that was rammed through against the will of the people? People are very well aware that the health care will not provide better coverage, but that it will cost more money. Currently, the best bragging Democrats can come up with is to say that parents can keep children on their insurance until 26, and that pre-existent conditions won’t be cause to be dropped by insurers. BIG DEAL! To bring about those two items certainly did not require that the government put itself in charge of an additional 15% of the entire pre-tax economy of the United States.

The truth is that the Tea Party understands full well, that what the Democrats want is not better health care for anyone except themselves. What they DO want is more control over the lives of every citizen. The more of the economy they control, the more control they have over the individual.

This Democrat controlled government is doing the same thing that was going on before the Revolutionary War, and before the Civil War.

They are not listening to the people whom they govern. Their arrogance and greed allow them to treat the rest of the population as though they were slaves to the government.

The people of the United States see more money going out of their own pocket than is coming in, no matter how hard they work. It amounts to involuntary servitude. Working people are denied the fruits of their own labor. It is instead taken from them for the supposed good of the population. Yet, they see that while the Democrat/Socialists have continually increased ‘social spending’ over the last century, poverty has increased instead of decreased.

Now with unemployment at ten percent, some people not only are going broke, they have no work available that would allow them to hang on to their homes just a few more days. They cannot hope for better while living on unemployment. They find themselves sitting at home, if they still have a home, and trying to figure out ‘What happened?’ Eventually, most of them will come to the conclusion, ‘The Democrat controlled government is what happened! They lie with a straight face, telling the people one thing, and then doing something else behind our backs.

What will be the outcome of this situation? The people of this country have a 300 year history of rebelling against excessive taxation. Often, as with the regime of Jimmy Carter, the people simply voted the lying traitor out of office. They failed to clean house and get his henchmen out of congress. But, is there time to do that now? The devil’s brigade in Washington now are certainly the most arrogant and evil group that has ever walked the halls of US Government. I don’t know. I pray to the God of the Bible that there is time. I pray there is hope. The best way to bring about rebellion is for the government to continue in their current course of action. In their arrogance, this is definitely what they will do, unless forces can be brought to bear that will force them to stop their destruction of America.

By the way, socialism is just the kindergarten for communism. The government will not stop or change its current course unless it is forced to do so. I pray and hope they can be stopped by peaceful means. I do not advocate any violence. Let me repeat that. I do not advocate violence. But, ask yourself this; ‘What does history tell us happens when the government becomes a tyrant?’ There is no such thing as bloodless revolution. And, make no mistake about it. We are in the midst of a revolution. Freedom is being exchanged for government control. What is the point of safety and health insurance when citizens have become slaves of the state, forced to work to pay for things they do not want? Involuntary servitude is just another word for slavery. It amounts to slavery when the people are required to work more than half of the year to provide for the government before they have one cent of money to provide for their own family.

Where is all this going? How will the people of this nation resist the tyranny of today? How far will it go?

History proves beyond any reasonable doubt that socialism/communism does not work for the good of anyone. In such regimes, all the people are counted as expendable, and dealt with accordingly. If they cannot ‘contribute’ they will be dealt with accordingly, whether through lack of health care or forced labor.

If America surrenders to this generation of snakes in congress and the oval office, the outcome will be more surrender to even more hideous demands in the future. At some point, the government will gain the high hand all together. Then, the United States will be like any nation in history under the control of tyranny. Those who protest or speak out will simply ‘disappear’.

That is where we are today. I see the greatest danger as the short attention span of the people. Today people are outraged. But, how will they feel tomorrow? Or next week? Or by the time we get to vote again? Will the yellow dog Democrats put party loyalty above the best interests of their own family and country?

Most of you have heard the generation that fought World War II referred to as ‘the greatest generation’. The people of that era found themselves stuck in the middle of a shooting war. I suspect they were weary with the war about one month after it began. By the time the troops fought their way across North Africa, they were probably so tired they could only put one foot in front of the other foot. Those at home were equally weary. The women probably thought, ‘Just send my loved one home. Nothing could be worse than this fighting and the separation it brings.’ But despite their weariness, they kept going. Their choice was to either keep fighting or submit to being treated as a non-human slave labor force. They knew it, but they had no concrete evidence. When the war was over, what they knew in their hearts was proven true. The inhuman treatment of the prisoners and dissidents by the Japanese and Germans is still being talked about today.

Today, we have strong evidence that socialism/communism does not work. It has been tried all over the globe. All the people controlled under such a tyrannical regime have not ushered in a utopia, or heaven on earth, or anything even close. Instead, poverty, hardship, oppression, and lack of medical treatment has been the norm. (Remember – the current regime in Washington has no real thought for the health of anyone, except to keep them alive to serve the state. Their goal is just to stay in power.)

Is that what you want for America?
Do you have a different vision of America that sort of looks like the America of long ago?
How far are you willing to go to see that it is your vision of American life that prevails instead of the hideous socialist vision that Washington is touting as the way to go?
How far will the Democrat/Socialists go to push their agenda through? We have a hint of how far they will go based on what they did to ram health care through. (Remember – it is not about health care – it is about power.)
How far will they go to ram the next plank in their evil ideology through?
Will they resort to violence against dissenters?
Why would you think they wouldn’t?
Haven’t they already resorted to everything including intimidation except violence?

Forcing people into involuntary servitude just to support the government does not sit well with people in general. It certainly not with a people who have a history of rebelling against excessive taxation and government micro-management of individual lives.

Again, I do not recommend violence or rebellion. I am just pointing out that if the current administration does not stop crushing the people it is supposed to represent, that violence is inevitable. Add to that mix the constant threat of Islamic terrorism, and you have a people who find their emotions constantly on high alert.
The government has not provided for the safety of its citizens.
The government itself has assaulted the financial security of its citizens with a tax burden beyond what any society can bear.
They believe the ends justify the means. That makes them very dangerous to everyone who will not get on board their government power trip.
Anyone who puts their faith in big government is delusional.

The possibilities for the future are:

1. Submission to the government and the hardships and persecutions that will come with it. (There is ample evidence that this is what WILL happen if the current trend in government continues.) This is what will happen if thinking people do nothing. The liberal’s appetite for power and control will allow them to surrender gracefully, nor to even accept an obvious defeat. OR
2. Unrelenting protests and activism by those who understand what is at stake here. This must go on until freedoms are restored, the power of the government is severely restricted, and taxation is cut to the bare minimum. There can be no ‘cease fire’ until the goals are accomplished. Their evil agenda must be exposed for what it is; and people must be educated to the true evils of all collectivist ideologies. Moderation on the part of conservatives is not a virtue when it comes to defeating the liberals.
3. Open rebellion and civil war.

I choose option # 2. I hope that is enough. I hope people will not become complacent and accept option #1 as inevitable. If #1 is accepted, then #3 is not far behind. Option #2 is the only option that has a chance of avoiding violence.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gnosticism Versus Truth

Blending of mystical teachings with scripture (pollutes)
Wrapped up in Christian terminology (deceives)
Present from the early church age (inescapable until the final defeat of Satan)
Even present before the church – as in the garden of eden – promising Eve godhood through works (just eat the fruit – that’s all it takes)
‘Shape shifting’ – it is without real form or substance – continually changing to match current situations
It’s only continuum is to blast scripture and undermine it at every turn – but often wrapped up in twisted Biblical terminology – if it attacks scripture, then Gnosticism is in there somewhere
Is a philosophy – a viewpoint that tries to mesh the God of the Bible with human ideas and values

Neo-Gnosticism infiltrating the church today
Revelation beyond scripture – or revelation that ‘clarifies’ scripture
Attempts to reconcile what seems right or how things should be according to mankind to what Is right according to God and how things really are.

From Gnosticism comes apostasy
A Gnostic might be confused and believe that the truths of God can be mingled with the philosophy of this world and still be accepted by God

But in apostasy – people actually understand that there is no way to mix the things of God with the things of the world – and still have anything to do with God. I suppose Cain would be an apostate. First, he knew the truth of God, but obviously did not accept it. Second, he tried to mix his own ideology or philosophy with the things of God. Well, that didn’t work. God refused Cain’s offering. So Cain, instead of repenting of his own Gnostic philosophy, became an apostate. He knew the truth – and he rejected it. He chose his own way over the way of God.

The best way to stymie or thwart Gnosticism is to know sound doctrine. Then when you hear Gnostic ideas speak up and say you cannot mix the things of God with the things of the world.

Gnostic and apostate theology is taught in seminaries, Sunday schools, and straight from the pulpit. So, stay alert.