Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Win the USA/Mexico Border War

The Winning hand in the Mexico/USA Border War.

Well, Mexico is having problems with drug wars in their country. Apparently murder and kidnapping are very common.
The Mexican government is trying to put a stop to the violence by sending troops into problem areas.
Drug dealers and the violence that follows them are spilling into the United States through our open back door policy.

A government that is secure and able to govern is always better for the rest of the world. Places like Darfur are the result of totally ineffective government. Really, anarchy is what happens.

Of course we don’t want anarchy in Mexico, but that seems to be a growing possibility. As a nation butting our southern border, the refugees would come in at an even greater number as the government fails to provide them with a safe place to live. Once they get here, we might provide them with a bus pass to Canada, but they probably wouldn’t go. One might wonder, ‘Where did the government go wrong?’

The government is not the problem. If we are being truthful, we have to admit that it never was the might of the United States, nor the brilliance of the government that secured our borders. Our borders were secured by God Almighty. The people of this nation were Christians in their world view. Their actions showed where their allegiance was. When someone from two generations ago departed from what was accepted as moral, they knew it was wrong, and they were embarrassed for family and friends to find out. When this nation was a nation of practicing Christians, this nation was pleasing to God. It was also USED by God to send out missionaries to all the world. It was God who protected our border. If they are ever to be secure again, it will come because
God once again decides to secure them.

Today, this is not predominantly a nation of practicing Christians. People do the most horrible things, and they don’t care who knows. Even pedophiles are likely not sorry for their sin. They are just sorry society doesn’t accept their predisposition to have sex with children. I believe that if the Lord delays His return, we will see pedophiles gain sympathy as a group of people who are ‘born that way’ and have no control over their actions. From pedophiles, we can see even serial murderers gain legal status. After all, if they were born that way, why should they be punished?

The world as a whole is turning away from the Gospel and into the arms of false religion, humanism, and basically just doing ‘their own thing’. In the book of Judges, we are told of a time when ‘everyone did that which was right in their own eyes’. That is pretty much where we are right now. No matter what they are doing, it mostly has nothing to do with what God says is righteous behavior. People commit gross sins, and love themselves above all others. Then they say they have done nothing wrong. People are fully willing to have someone else lay down his or her own life for them, but they would lay down their lives for no one. They probably wouldn’t even lay down their own double latte from Starbucks to help others.

When my parents were growing up, their parents failed to take them to church regularly. This was a grave error on their part, and caused sorrow to their children and grandchildren that it will take generations of sound doctrine to overcome. However, they DID do one thing right. They taught their children that the Bible was true and without error. They were taught that every single word was the exact word of God. From that point mom and dad only had to be shown what was in the Bible, and then accept or reject God’s plan of salvation. Today, most of the people of this nation and world are ignorant of anything that is in the Bible. They have been taught that the Bible is anything but the infallible word of the Omnipotent God of creation.

From a worldly point of view, those who have a Christian World View are in deep trouble. We are powerless to stop the horrible changes occurring in our country at an alarming rate.

However, from the point of view of faith, our job is still the same.
Nothing has changed.
We are supposed to tell the world that Jesus saves.

I want to tell you how my dad handled it. He bought Gospel tracts in Spanish and handed them out as the opportunity came to him. That’s it. He was angry that people broke through our borders and came here illegally. He was angry that they sucked up resources that should have been spent on citizens who are here naturally or legally. He was angry that families that have been here hundreds of years (literally) and fought in every war since before the American Revolution are forced to take the back seat in our own country; and, PAY for the usurpers upkeep. But his anger was overcome by his by his zeal for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dad said that we are like a net fisherman standing on the side of a great waterfall. He sees people who are going over the falls by the millions. The fisherman has only a small net, but he bravely stands by the falls and holds out the net. Every now and then, he catches someone and pulls them to safety. Dad said forget the ones you miss. Thank God for the ones you catch.

Will we change the course of history by converting one illegal immigrant?
Probably not, but the course of that person’s life will be changed for eternity.
Does that matter?
It matters to the soul who came to know Jesus because you gave them a Gospel tract, or sent money to a missionary who told them how to be saved.

The government will do what the government will do. Through prayer and voting, the evil that the government plans may be set aside by our Sovereign God. On the other hand, the government may get worse and worse.

One thing that does not change is the Great Commission.
We are supposed to give people a chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
The measure of our success is not the society we build.
It is in the Godly family we build.
It is in the neighbor we help.
It is the people who hear the Gospel because of us.
Society is just a reflection of how well we are doing our job as Christians.

So, if you want to join the fight in the border wars, support missionaries.
Become someone like my dad – get gospel tracts in Spanish and just hand them out as the opportunity arises.
This puts you on the side of obedience to the command to tell the world that Jesus saves.

If you find this a bit hard to swallow, remember the Book of Philemon in the Bible. Onesimus was a runaway slave. He met the Apostle Paul and became a true believer in Jesus Christ. That means he became an ally of every Christian. However, in the real world at that time, Onesimus was still the property of Philemon. So Paul instructed Onesimus to return to Philemon. Paul himself asked for mercy for Onesimus, who, through his conversion, was now a fellow laborer and brother, beloved both in the flesh and in the Lord. It became a win win situation.

That is where we stand today.
It appears that the foundations of our world are being destroyed by the very government that is supposed to protect it. Our economy is failing. Jobs numbers are shrinking in spite of massive amounts of money spent to boost the economy. All this is just a ploy by Satan to distract the Christians from the real problem, or give us a different perception of the real problem.
· The real problem is that people need the Lord.
· The real solution is to tell the lost people of Jesus and His power to give them eternal life.

Don’t let the world confuse you or distract you from doing your part in fulfilling the great commission.
Tell the world that Jesus saves.

Can a Liberal Politicain Accurately Define 'Economic Stimulus?

Define ‘Economic Stimulus’

Once again the liberal politicians are showing their ignorance. They don’t seem to understand the meaning behind passing a bill that is supposed to stimulate the economy. They are still interested mostly in spending money on pet projects, most of which have nothing to do with stimulating the economy.
Here’s a good example.

Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, pointed out that money to monitor volcanoes has nothing to do with stimulating the economy.
The Mayor of Vancouver Washington is insulted, apparently believing that Jindal doesn’t understand the stress of living near a volcano.
I live pretty close to Vancouver’s volcano, Mt. St. Helens. I don’t find it stressful at all. The mountain pretty much did its best in 1984. Since then it has been a tourist attraction that has brought the state millions.
However, that is not the point. The point is that in order to really stimulate the economy, real jobs have to be created. That means jobs that put something into the economy. Real jobs are not continually funded by tax payer money.
Volcano watching will not stimulate the economy; so, it does not belong in the stimulus package.
This does not mean that the volcano should not be watched.
It does mean it shouldn’t be watched with money that is supposed to create jobs that help the economy grow.
How volcano watching is funded should be an entirely separate issue.

This is just an example of the democrats funding anything and everything and calling it ‘economy stimulus’. They are taking their focus off the economy and putting it onto whatever seems like a worthwhile or useful project from their liberal world view.

Their pet projects are placed above the welfare of the nation. A nation of people without jobs really doesn’t care what Mt. St. Helens does. If they take the time to think about it at all, they probably wish the people of the area safety and a job that gives them a way to support their families.

Keep in mind that volcano watching and tourists visiting the area are just spending money that is already in the economy. They are not creating any real wealth. This kind of spending does not stimulate the economy. It is like a silly woman I once knew who, when facing a months worth of bills without money to pay them, went out and spent a small fortune on having her hair and nails done, a new outfit, and a nice dinner out. She felt so much better about herself after that. Of course, all her ‘good feelings’, and ‘positive affirmations’, came to nothing when her electricity was cut off and her car was repossessed. She still didn’t get it. She eventually had to move back home and live with a very difficult mother for a while. I think she got it then.

The thing is, the liberal congress is doing exactly the same thing. They are making a bad situation worse by adding luxuries and unnecessary items onto the so called stimulus package. The package is probably doomed to failure anyway, but why makes it worse? Why drag it out longer than necessary by selfish actions right now?

These spending addicts are trying to change the focus of the voters from the real problem and onto something else. They want to change the voters perception of the problem to something that suits their personal agenda better than actually doing something that stimulates the economy.

In truth, the only thing stimulated by this democrat/rhino spending bill is the tax and spend addiction of the democrats and rhino republicans.

Like all addicts, the best way to overcome an addiction is to stay away from the item to which they are addicted.
An alcoholic should not work in a bar.
A drug addict should not work in a meth lab.
A politician should not work in politics. I know, that sounds like an oxymoron. But think about it. The people we want in politics are people who just tell the truth and do the right thing according to the ten commandments. (And, Yes, it is that simple.) I think that pretty much rules out 95% of the politicians in Washington and high levels of state politics. And that isn’t even taking global politicians into consideration.

Like all addicts, politicians addicted to spending money do not understand that they have a problem.
They need an intervention.
This intervention should be in the form of an election.
All voters who really care about their spending addict politicians should do the right thing for the addicts and vote them out of office.
This requires that the friends and cohorts of the spending addict also admit there is a problem.
Whatever political party you belong too, open your eyes and see the mess the politicians have made. If you want to blame Bush for this economic mess, what do you have to say about the democrat controlled senate and house?
I say no matter what party the politician belongs to, vote against them every chance you get. We need at least 90% new politicians to help the politicians understand that we are fed up with them spending money like they have no accountability.

Whether they win re-election or not, they need to remember that there is a final Judge from whom no one will escape.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked - Sort Of.

I walked today where Jesus walked, and I have never even been to Israel.

Ok, maybe I didn’t really walk today where Jesus walked. But figuratively speaking I walked where Jesus walked. Well maybe not exactly where He walked today, because I had a pretty good day. But, I think maybe I have at least taken a few baby steps down the path Jesus walked.

Jesus walked in truth. I know the truth of Christ and make an effort to walk in His truth.

Jesus walked in temptation. I have walked in temptation. It seems it is mostly the temptation to worry and fret about things I can’t do anything about. Jesus didn’t sin by falling into temptation. I can’t say the same thing. I sin all the time, even though I try not to. Most days I probably sin at least five times before breakfast. And, that is on the days I have an early breakfast. Anyway, on second thought, Jesus was tempted by the devil in person. I know I have been protected from a confrontation with Satan, and probably from his more powerful henchmen. Maybe I didn’t walk where Jesus walked when it comes to temptation after all.

Jesus walked in sorrow. I have been to ‘sorrow’. I did not like it all, and I hope to never walk there again. It is unpleasant , and well, sorrowful. But, in the case of my grandparents, dad, and sister, I know I will see them in heaven because they believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Every day, Jesus faces loving people who choose to die in their sins. Maybe I haven’t exactly walked where He walked in sorrow.

Jesus walked in disappointment. His best friends forsook Him. The multitudes of followers forsook Him when the going got tough. I have had friends who let me down, but never like He did. Maybe I haven’t walked where Jesus walked in disappointment after all.

Jesus walked in poverty. He gave up the riches and glory of heaven and became poor. I am sort of poor now. Well, not homeless exactly, but I do live in a camper. It is pretty comfortable, and very near to the people I love the most. And, I do have a place to lay my head at night. Christ did not, so I haven’t exactly walked where Christ walked when it comes to housing either.

Jesus walked in pain. I don’t think it felt very good when He was nailed to the cross. I have had migraine headaches and emergency gall bladder surgery. Since I didn’t have insurance, I didn’t want to go to the hospital with the gall bladder right away. I was in a lot of pain for several days. My stomach cramped so bad I wound up with a bruise the size of my entire stomach. The doctor said he had never seen anything like it. It was painful, but I am sure it couldn’t be compared to walking where Jesus walked in the amount of pain suffered.

Jesus walked in self restraint. I do that all the time. I restrain myself from things like the third donut, the really neat jacket that is only on sale 20% off instead of 30%, and things like that. I also refrain myself from telling off people who really need. However, Christ restrained Himself from ‘poofing’ the things that would have made His life so much easier. He could have turned a stone into a nice gated horse with a padded saddle. Christ showed restrain even in miracles. He could have turned the five loaves and fishes into a feast of the fatted calves. OK, once again, I have to admit, maybe I haven’t walked where Jesus walked in the matter of self restraint either.

Jesus walked in unselfishness. I am an unselfish person. I love to give to my family, and I am happy to change my plans in order to fit the needs of family and friends. Of course, there are limits. If I am in the middle of a fatigue episode, or headache, or something really important, then I am willing to take time for myself. Jesus on the other hand, walked out of his way to see the woman of Samaria. He went in the heat of the day because He knew that was when she would be there. I can’t take the heat, really. I would have had to meet her there at night. And walking would have been a problem, even though I actually love to walk. The thing is, I can’t walk far without shoes designed specifically for walking. I don’t know what kind of shoes Jesus had, but they probably did not support His arches properly. Now, that may not be my fault, but in all honesty, I would still have to stay that I really haven’t walked where Jesus walked in unselfishness.

Jesus is generous. So am I. I love to give. Of course, I didn’t give up the things Jesus gave up. I had no throne, no wealth, nor honor, no glory, no unlimited movement through time and space. I have given up a few things like the years ago there was money for a new front door that I gave to the missionary. OK, I only gave half the money. Eventually I did get the new door. I give money to missionaries, but it honestly doesn’t change my life much. I don’t know. What do you think? Have I walked where Jesus walked when it comes to generosity or not?

Jesus loved His enemies. I love my enemies in that I don’t want them to go to hell. Mostly, I just want them to stay out of my face and leave me alone. I honestly do want them to be saved and spend eternity in heaven. I don’t want to be their neighbor when we all get there though. If they repent, Christ will let them in heaven, and treat them the same as if they had loved Him from the beginning. Upon reflection, it appears that I am having at least a slight problem in loving my enemies like Jesus loved His enemies.

You know, I am not that certain that have walked where Jesus walked. It is really a lot harder than I thought it would be.

What about you?
Have you walked where Jesus walked?
Have you even tried?
Are you willing to try?

Why not meet with Jesus and talk to Him about it. He doesn’t want you to suffer all the trials that He suffered. In fact, in the beginning, He didn’t plan for any of us to suffer at all. Adam and Eve were created perfect and placed in a perfect world. After sin, Christ set out to restore fellowship with mankind through His personal sacrifice. Christ just wants you to follow Him. He wants to be your guide throughout all the days of your life. If you follow your guide, then you will be walking daily where Jesus is walking.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Name of the Wicked Shall Rot!

Are you finding more and more often that even the name of some public figures causes your stomach to churn and your anger to blaze?
Are you furious at their incompetence and total lack of respect for the laws of the land, truth, right and justice?
Do you want to barf when you see the arrogant politicians and social engineers call evil good and good evil?
Are you really mad as all get out, and are just about ready to say, ‘I’m not going to take this anymore?’
Well, join the club!

God Himself comments in Proverbs 10:7 saying,
‘The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.’

So, we know the end of the wicked.
Not only will their bodies rot, but even their names will rot.

But, what are we to do in the mean time? How do we occupy until the Lord comes?
We read and apply the teachings of Psalm 37, which says in part,
1. 'Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.'
Don’t waste your time worrying about them.
2. 'For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. '
Their time is short.
3. 'Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.'
Take your mind off the workers of sin and their lies. Focus on the Lord.
4. 'Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.'
This is a wonderfully helpful verse. Consider all the love and mercy that God shows to us daily. Read and study His book. You will find that the Lord is a delightful companion who is with you always. God will also put desires or dreams in your own heart that are in line with God’s will for YOUR life.
5. 'Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.'
There is no government or society that can stop God from doing what He wants to do in your life. Fulfilled desires of the heart are brought about by God, not government policies.
6. 'And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.'
Christians don’t have to ‘toot their own horn’. If and when God wants a Christian in the spotlight, He will put them there.
7. 'Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.'
Continue to ignore the wicked and focus continually on what the Lord asks of all His children in general, and you specifically. Fretting about the seeming success of the wicked is just going to give you a stomach ache and lead you into sin.
8. 'Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.'
Don’t let the evil doers of the day cause you anger. Unless they repent and turn from evil, they will face a dreadful end. Instead pray for them as Paul prayed for the Macedonians. Let them turn from the power of Satan to the power of God. (Acts 28:16)
9. 'For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth.'
The power of the evil doers will be cut off. Those who wait on the Lord get the earth.
10. 'For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be . '
The wicked have no place in eternity.
11. 'But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. '

The meek are the winners.
Who are the meek?
The meek are those who understand that their victory is not by their own power, but the power of the Lord. Moses was one of the mightiest men of all time, yet he was meek above all men (Numbers 12:3) We as mortals have no power to overcome the wicked leadership now facing the entire world. Our power to overcome is through the Lord.
What a relief!
We don’t have to come up with a game plan that will work in restoring or bringing about a just and righteous world government. An abundance of peace will come through the power of God. Our job is to follow the instructions in this Psalm. THAT is what will do us the most good personally, and ultimately bring about a better world.

Monday, February 23, 2009

True Divinity versus Vanity

It is quite obvious that the world is in a mess.
The world needs a savior.
There is no shortage of wanna be saviors.

The world is looking to society as a whole to save it. Everyone is pressured to ‘get on board’ and participate in the philosophical mumbo jumbo or pseudo science of the day. If you dare dissent, you are an outcast.

Salvation of the earth through social and political means requires that some elite rise to the top in order to lead the general population in the way that they should go. Many of these leaders are totally lacking in humility. They see themselves as social engineers. They envision a world that runs more smoothly, efficiently, and even perfectly, when everyone follows their new pattern of conduct. They listen to the masses crying out for salvation from earthly problems, and see themselves as ‘one’ who is able to solve the problems and save the world.

In their vanity, these leaders begin to see themselves as ‘divine’. They love the adoration of the population that grants them messianic powers. Such people have been with the world for ages. Worship of leaders was seen in Egypt and Rome. It was seen more recently in Nazi Germany and Japan. Truthfully, these people are not divine. They just have a colossal case of ‘the fat head’. That means their egos have run ammock.

Many believe that such ideology is being seen today in politics. Obama has been called the messiah. Obama himself has not denied that he is the messiah. Perhaps he thinks he is. It is much easier for an ego maniac to see himself as divine than to see himself as a buffoon.

Anyone with delusions of divinity is attempting to redefine ‘divinity’. Those with the idea that they can anoint a prophet or divine being by simply placing their stamp of approval on some current political or social figure are delusional.

A being is either divine, or he/she is not. Their divinity is not affected by the acceptance or rejection of society as a whole or the individual.

So, here is the truth. God alone is God.
He is:
Omnipotent – all powerful,
Omnipresent – present everywhere,
Omniscient – actually knowing everything.,
Eternal – without beginning or end,
Self sufficient - needing to ‘appointed cabinet’ in order to run creation,
Self sustaining – needing no one or anything to continue,
And – that just points out some of God’s attributes and abilities.

For mankind to bestow the title of ‘messiah’, ‘savior’, ‘god’, on a mortal who will die and stay dead is sheer vanity. It totally re-defines ‘god’ in the mortal image of mankind. Who wants that for a god?
Today, ‘government worship’ is replacing ‘God worship’.
Right now, the government is looked to for salvation from social and economic woes. The citizens facing problems never bow the knee to God Almighty.
Instead they go straight to the government and seek ‘assistance’ in solving their dilemma or crisis.
Some are openly worshiping the heads of governments as god.

Whether they are worshiping the current president of the USA, or the ayatollah’s of Islam, or the pope, or the Dali lama, they are worshiping a false god.
Their end is destruction.

People need to see the ‘bigger picture’ regarding who God really is. The more He is understood, the more the things of the world pale in comparison. The more the individual learns about God Almighty, the clearer they will see the frailty of government to solve problems and provide for the future.

The best way to combat the growing cult of government worship is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The powers behind government know this. That is why we are seeing Christianity continually marginalized, belittled, and even outlawed in society. Many if not most, in government are seeking their own good, and not the good of the people they are supposed to serve and care for. Perhaps they don’t put their thoughts in an order that says, ‘I want government worshiped, so Jesus can’t be worshiped.’ However, I bet they do put their thoughts in a form that says, ‘I want to be re-elected, and I will do whatever it takes to actually get re-elected.’

Truly, citizens are powerless to stop any government from devouring the people over which it rules. It is God alone who has that power. Our ability to really ‘make a difference’, and ‘change the world’ is to tell the world that Jesus saves to the uttermost.

Hebrews 7:25Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.