Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is Homo-Noeticus Replacing Homo-Sapien as the Dominant Life Form on Earth?

Who is REALLY a Human Being?

In America and around the world, there is a battle raging regarding abortion as a legitimate method of birth control. Those on one side say that an unborn baby is just a hunk of flesh and no more human than a jelly fish. Those on the other side say that life begins at conception, and should be respected as a human being from that time forward.

Can you guess which side I am on? I am pro-life of course. But, the battle for life is raging beyond just the right to life for the unborn, and the partially born.

History shows us that all that is needed to launch a war on human beings of any age is the arrogance that comes from a racial superiority complex. In recent history, we saw it at in WWII. Japan saw themselves as a people superior to all other races. Germany saw itself equally superior to all other races. I don’t know what the outcome might have been if the last two armies standing had been Japan and Germany.

To the Germans it was ok to slaughter Jews, because they were classified as ‘non-human’. To the Japanese it was ok to murder POW’s with torture, starvation, and death marches, because they really weren’t human according to the Japanese thoughts. If something that ‘looks’ like a human being actually isn’t a human being, then they have no rights as human beings. They are like the animals, at the mercy of those in charge.

Years ago I read about an interview with a recently captured Nazi war criminal. He was the overseer of the slaughter of many Jews. He admitted to the slaughters, but could not seem to comprehend the scope of his crime. He still was convinced that he not been part of the murder of any human beings. In his mind he had just been responsible for the eradication of life forms that were not worthy of life.

Abortionists and the ‘pro-death’ crowd see things the same way. Unborn children are not human beings. There is no crime in disposing of them.

It boils down to when you can convince a large part of the population that someone who is unwanted or troublesome is ‘not human’, then slaughter of the non-human cannot be far behind.

Today, I see an approaching slaughter of innocents stemming from those who think themselves more evolved and therefore superior to the masses.

This slaughter will be directed at Christians and anyone else who does not get on board with the globalist agenda of world leaders. People who do get on board will be told they are more evolved and superior to those who do not agree with the globalist agenda.

You may wonder how these people become more evolved and superior to the lesser evolved, such as those who cling to beliefs in absolute truth, salvation by grace through faith, and the value of every human being.

The answer is they had a ‘quantum leap’ in evolution. In other words, their parents were simple homo-sapiens. Then, due to the quantum leap forward in evolution, the children born to these parents were suddenly ‘homo-noeticus’. That is supposedly the ‘next step in the evolutionary ladder’.

The dictionary says noetic theory is (from Greek word noûs), is a branch of metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of nature, the operation of intellect, and the relationship between human and divine intellect.

By the way, evolutionary quantum leaps do away with the need for discovery of ‘missing links’ in evolution. If quantum leap evolution is actually the way it works, then gradual evolution doesn’t happen, and there are no missing links. One creature just suddenly starts producing a new and drastically improved version of its self.

The homo noeticus human being is ‘enlightened’, understanding the failings of the Holy Bible, and the necessity of including all religions in determining one’s personal beliefs. They will tolerate all personal beliefs as long as they are no absolute values or unchangeable truths involved.

The homo noeticus judges truth and right through personal experience and feelings.
The homo noeticus is on his or her way to taking their rightful place as co-god or co-goddess.

This supposed ‘higher form of humanity’ is currently emerging on the earth. It will make homo-sapiens obsolete, and even a drain on the resources of society as a whole.

Homo noeticus are more multidimensional that the older version of humankind. Their soul and spirit are more ‘merged’, and more ‘aware’ of events beyond what the five senses can perceive.
Their quantum leap in evolution is first spiritual. The physical quantum leap will come later. That is why you can’t tell a homo noeticus from homo sapiens just by looking at them.

Now, why would homo noeticus want to keep homo sapiens around? The poor out of date homo sapiens will be less than human. If they are not useful, why keep them around? Once the homo noeticus beings are in open control, the less developed homo sapiens will quickly become an endangered species – but they will not receive protection as an endangered species. They will likely be considered something like a termite infestation in an expensive home. Like any home owner, mother earth will prefer that they be eradicated.

People will not see themselves as persecuting human beings. They will see themselves as just cleaning up the planet.