Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What do you Personally Take Seriously?

What Do You Take Seriously?
Barbara Henderson

Getting up in the morning seems to require caffeine.  I take that seriously.   I am not a coffee drinker, but I must have that cup of tea.  Then I must also have a second and a third cup of tea.  If I am in the mood I will drink it all day. I take it seriously that I must also have fresh water to make the tea.  I also need a nice biscuit with possibly a slice of ham to go with my first cup of morning tea.  I am serious.  If I don’t get caffeine and food I will have a headache and possibly be grumpy.  Actually, I am seldom grumpy.  I will just be droopy and unable to do much of anything.  If I want to get anything done in a day I MUST take my morning caffeine seriously!

Of course people joke about their morning drink.  Most people have something specific they begin the day eating and drinking.  Those who don’t have a morning routine probably don’t get much done most days. There are things far more important than morning drinks and favorite foods.  There are rules by which we live.

I take my marriage seriously.  I take my family seriously.  I take my friends seriously.  All these things require commitment.  I do have to pay attention to what is happening and do my best to be a helpful part of what is going on with those I love.

The danger zone is when it all becomes routine.  Maybe we forget just how serious life is.  I don’t mean we shouldn’t joke around or have any fun.  But in the midst of whatever is happening on a daily basis, there is still the seriousness of making sure we are there for those we love. 

The starting point for dealing properly with the things we take seriously is to take God seriously. No one can be the best they can be without putting God first.  Putting God first covers a lot of territory.  You can boil it down to simply having a reverent awe of God and making a careful effort to be obedient to His teachings as revealed in His written word.  That is absolutely the best thing you can possibly do for your loved ones. 

Every single human being is separated from Almighty God because God is utterly continually perfect and we are not.  The first thing everyone needs to take seriously is to make peace with God.  He has given us simple instructions on how that is done.  Go to God the Father through Christ the Son.  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. 

Once someone makes peace with God, that person starts out on a new life.  That life is supposed to be a life lived in obedience to God’s instructions.  It is a given that no one actually pulls that off perfectly, but it is also a given that true believers do take obedience very seriously.  They do not belong to a crowd that feels entitled to sin because they know God will forgive them.  Actually, continuing in sin gets true believers into more trouble than non-believers.  God is a loving father.  He isn’t going to allow His children to act like heathens without taking them to task.

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