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The Broad Way - renamed 'Soul Wars Trilogy' - and how I happened to write it

A word from Barbara Henderson  

on writing ‘The Broad Way’ The book is now titled 'Choosing' - Soul Wars Trilogy book one and is available on Kindle. I chose the title 'Choosing' because in this book Mal and his sister Ann/AJ choose the paths they walk in life. Mal becomes a Christian and AJ follows the occult.  Book two is 'Walking' because they are following the different paths they have chosen.  Book three is titled ' Staying the Course'. 

This book is now available on kindle under the name 'Choosing' - Soul Wars Trilogy book one. Book two is also available.  'Walking' Soul Wars Trilogy book Two.  Book Three is more than half written and should be available in the next few months. 

How I came to write this book.......

One day two characters got into my mind and they simply would not go away. No, they were not some sort of spirit guides or beings from another dimension. They were just figments of my own over active imagination. However, they just wouldn’t go away. They were peskier than a line from a song that occasionally would get stuck in my head. They were brother and sister. The brother, who I named Malachi but shortened to Mal almost immediately, was definitely the type of guy strong Christian women are looking for. The sister, Ann or AJ, was definitely the narcissistic type of woman that would need and equally narcissistic man. Mal and AJ really couldn’t possibly bond in the context of family or siblings, because they were going in completely opposite directions. These characters were impossible to get rid of. They just kept floating around in my head until I decided to write them down on paper.

However, just writing a few thoughts on paper didn’t exactly turn into a book. I tried to write the story, but I just couldn’t get it together. I finally went on to something else.

Next, angles got into my mind and wouldn’t leave. Not literally of course, just thoughts of angels began to float around in my head. I divided the angels into two groups. First, I thought of the angels who stayed with God when Lucifer led the rebellion in heaven. Then I thought of the angels who followed Lucifer and fell from grace. The Bible tells us that the angels of God are real and do many things. There are messenger angels, herald angels, and warrior angels. Elijah the great prophet even had an angel cook to help him when he was in need. Today, we speak of guardian angels causally, but they are real.

And, as real as the guardian angels are, there are also angels of darkness who try to influence people to follow their example and rebel against God.

The study of angels was interesting for a while. I made notes in my notebook along with the notes on the brother and sister who were in conflict. But, eventually I went on to something else.

The next thing on my mind was how complicated the world seems to be. There seemed to be no clear way to discern right from wrong. The answer to every question seemed to be obscured in the ‘gray areas’. I began to understand that the gray areas were really like the unnecessary elements in those horrid math problems the teachers loved in grade school. The key to solving the math problems was to eliminate all the unnecessary information. Then the problem usually had a clear solution. I realized that was the same way to discern right from wrong in everyday life. This applies to the seemingly complicated situations we face . It turns out there are no circumstances that give anyone the right to do something wrong. I wrote all this down in my notebook.

Then one day I began to read my whole notebook. Mal and his sister AJ still seemed like good characters. Invisible angels interacting in everyday life was still intriguing. Choosing right and wrong by eliminating all the gray area was still the right way to go. (I love it when I re-read my notebook and it all still makes sense.)

It seemed like I had three books going instead of one. I thought I better pick one subject and just write the book. Instead, I put it off a few more days. I gradually came to realize that all three subjects should be handled in one book.

The main characters in the book are still Mal and AJ.

To the main characters, I added the element of unseen angels influencing them and guarding them. It was somewhat eerie when I began to consider that there really are angels around us all the time even though we can’t see them. I prayed for more guardian angels for myself and my family.

I decided against muddying the story by providing too much gray area in the actions of the characters. In writing this element of the story, I personally gained a little skill in cutting through all the unnecessary information and circumstances that sometimes confuse our decision making process.

A lot of time and effort later – there was a finished product.  Well, at least book one was finished!  Now book two is finished, and the final book is more than half written.  Time flies when you are having fun writing!

Writing the book was work, fun, and thought provoking to me as a writer.

I enjoyed writing ‘Choosing’Soul Wars Trilogy book one

I hope you will enjoy reading ‘Choosing’.

After you read the book, I would like you to consider going back to the web site where the book was purchased and leaving a kind review of the book.

I just want to say thanks to all of you in advance.

Barbara Henderson

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  1. Hi Barbara,
    I love reading your articles and your choices of music are so nice. You have a way with words that is very inspiring and uplifting, for that I thank you so very much. You have a wonderful way of presenting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, most of the time when I read your articles it makes me cry. Not sad tears, it is just that I love Jesus so much for all that he has done for us and all that he continues to do each and every day.
    I have to wait until payday (my husband and I get paid one time a month on the first) to order your book but I can't hardly wait to read it. I will do a review for you then. I can relate somewhat to this story you tell judging by what you wrote about the story line of your book. Yes angels are here with us, both good and bad. Because of the things I have experienced from the time I was a little girl, I ask each day for the protection of God's full armor for my entire family, and I thank God each day for his love and protection. I know that the bad angels are immensely evil. I know that we are going to continue to watch the world grow more and more evil by the day as they sway more and more humans to desire their evil ways.
    Won't it be wonderful when our Lord Jesus comes and all of that evil is taken out of the world, (at least for the first 1000 years), and then again for eternity. God Bless You Always,
    your friend, Susie Green


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