Friday, January 30, 2009

The DNC is Really Only in Favor 'Free Speech' When it Agrees With Them!

The Democratic National Congressional Committee is angry at Rush Limbaugh for hoping that Obama's agenda for the United States fails. I would think that means they are angry at everyone who hope and pray that BO's policies and changes fail.
They would like to see Rush permanently removed from radio because they don't agree with him. I believe they would like to have everyone else shut up that does not agree with them.
If they manage to destroy Rush's radio presence - his avenue to express his opinion - then they have effectively managed to stop OUR avenue of free speech and freedom to express our opinions. Ask yourself, 'In all the news media, who speeks for the conservative traditional Christian besides Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and a few others? If the DNC managed to 'hush Rush' who would they go after next? Eventually it would be down to the private citizen just voicing an opinion. They have no tolerance for anyone who dares to rebuke their actions.

The DNC needs to realize that THEY were in control of the house and senate for years. THEY were the ones presiding over the legislation that led up the current mess we are in. THEY are the ones expanding their already failed policies with the current president's blessings.
The DNC is king and queen of the 'quick fix'. They don't care what tommorow brings as long as they throw enough money to put a bandaid on whatever problem is facing them today. They don't care about the unborn at all. Their plan is to either murder them before they are born - OR - burden them down with so much debt by the time they are born that they will spend their entire lives trying to survive while paying for the debt built up by the democrats.

The DNC claims it wants change for the better. I would like this, 'Better for who? YOU? What about the rest of us?

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