Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why the Meek Really Are Winners

Did you ever wonder why it is that the meek should inherit the earth instead of the warriors and fighters.

It is pretty simple. The meek understand something that rest of the world does not. They understand that while they personally have no power to reach a goal or gain any inheritance, that the God of creation has power to give the whole world to those who trust in His power and not their own.

Since meekness offers such success, joining the ranks of the meek is a worthwhile goal. Becoming meek in the Lord is a process.

It begins with:

Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving is a way of life, not a moment spent thanking God for the food on the table, or a quick 'thank you' when you avoid some disaster. As you go through your daily life, you consider God's benefits continually, and thank Him for them.

Thanksgiving leads to humility.

Humility - In humility you begin to understand that all your blessings and possessions were gifts from God. You begin to understand that no matter how hard you work, or how much effort you put into something, that it was God that gave you the increase.

Without God's blessings you can:
work your fingers to the bone,
do all the right things at the right time,
know all the right people, and
be in the right place at the right time,
but you are still doomed to failure. It is God alone who can grant you success and favor in whatever you do. Without His blessings, you will fail.

Thanksgiving and humility leads to repentance.

Repentance. As humility grows, you begin to see yourself in a whole different light. The things in your life that separate you from God become more apparent. You become more thankful that God loves you unconditionally. Your soul begins to long to draw closer to God. You become willing to get rid of the sin in your life. That means you want to get rid of the things that bother God.

Thankfulness, humility, and repentance lead to MEEKNESS.

Meekness. Meekness is reliance on God instead of yourself.

A mighty man of God was Moses; yet Moses was meekest of all men. Now how can that be? Simple. Moses, a former prince of Egypt, came to understand that through God working in him, he could accomplish more than all the mighty armies of Egypt. That is the meekness that we should seek. It leads us to understand that 'I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me'. (Philippians 4:13)

So, meekness does not mean 'I am a door mat. Come stomp on me!' It means that you have begun to understand that your success in any endeavor is not based on YOUR own abilities. Remember that Moses had plenty of natural abilities and talents. Yet, he set those aside in favor of reliance on the Lord.

Moses did spend 40 years in the wilderness caring for sheep between the time he rejected the power of Egypt and chose instead to be counted with the people of God. Like Moses, we may grasp the concept of meekness, but be slow to be able to fully implement meekness as a way of life. That means we should all get started working on fully relying on God instead of ourselves right away.

Right now, are you on the path to meekness; or, are you still trying to do all things through your own ability, wealth, or authority? Or have you set these things aside and chosen to rely on the ability, wealth, and authority of God Almighty?

No matter how great your personal talents and power, the arm of flesh will eventually fail you. If you were even greater than Alexander the Great, you would still eventually meet his fate. You would die, and your kingdom and possessions would be given to another mortal.

The inheritance God has for the meek is eternal. Reliance on God instead of your self is the path to success.

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