Monday, March 23, 2009

Tax and Spend - Why Liberals Stick With Their Same Failed Policy

Tax and Spend Is Not Working – so Why Are Liberals Still Taxing and Spending?

Tax and Spend has been the theological platform of the liberals for generations. They seem to have a difficult time with admitting that it doesn’t work.
Now, here we are in the midst of a dreadful economic downturn, and what are the liberals doing?
More of the same.
It hasn’t worked in the past, so would it work now?

You have to ask yourself,
‘Are liberals that dense really, or are they just such ego-maniac elitists that they find the idea that they could be wrong impossible?
Are they so delusional that they think because it was their idea, completely in line with the liberal theology, that it is impossible for their plans not to work?
Do they think their economic plans really are working?
Are they ‘plumb crazy’?’

It is probably a mix of the above.
Liberals love to blame their failures on Republican presidents. That is pretty funny. Congress has been a fortress of liberal theology for 100 years. One occasional conservative president cannot undo years of spending abuse by a liberal house and senate.

America is in big trouble, and you can place blame squarely on the shoulders of liberals.
They forsook the God their fathers in favor of unsound doctrine.
God was demoted from the Creator who was able to speak the world into place into a weak version of ‘god’ who wasn’t even able to get one book (The Bible) worded correctly.
Then, God was demoted again to something more ‘human’, as in something that was attainable for human beings. Remember, there is a little god in all of us according to the humanists of today.

The little gods who are currently in power recently chose a messiah for themselves.
That I know of, Obama has never denied that he is the messiah, so I suppose that he like the title. Of course, he is a frail excuse for deity.

'Tax and Spend' has been proven repeatedly to shrink the economy and cause more hardship.
'Cut taxes' has been proven repeatedly to grow the economy and relieve suffering.

Here is the REAL truth.
Tax and spend is not really a policy that is supposed to be good for the economy or the people in the long run. It is supposed to give more power to the government, because government is always in the process of usurping God as the giver of all good things.

THAT is why liberals keep on taxing the people beyond what is fair or right.
THAT is why liberals keep on implementing programs that are not beneficial to the majority of citizens.
THAT is why liberals keep on spending money on things that have nothing to do with growing the economy!

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