Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Equitable versus Equal

Government Imposed ‘Equitable Requirements’ in the Job Market

The government bailout to AIG was in the spotlight when the executives received outrageous bonuses, after accepting the money the government had stolen from the poor to give to the rich. Citizens were outraged, so the government responded by attempting to take back the money through a 90% retroactive tax on those bonuses. That didn’t work out.

Now, the government’s favorite liberal idiot, Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is sponsoring the ‘Pay for Performance Act of 2009’. If enacted, this would impose government controls on the pay of ALL employees. By the way, the bail money is being called ‘capital investments’. ‘Bail out’ just sounds too negative to suit liberals.

In the twisted logic of the liberal mind, the legislation would ‘prohibit unreasonable and excessive compensation and compensation not based on performance standards’. That does include regular pay, bonuses and everything paid to employees of companies that received some money from big brother.

It does not say what is ‘reasonable’. It gives Geithner the authority to decide what pay is reasonable or excessive.

If the government had kept their big nose out of AIG and business in the first place, the executives would not have had any bonuses, much less bonuses paid with funds taken out of the pocket of the people they had defrauded by their unsound business practices. The liberals first sent the message of, ‘Oh, you poor babies. You misbehaved and now you are sorry. Here let big brother help you out.’ Then when AIG continued with the same spend spend spend policy, the liberals are furious.
The liberals enabled AIG to continue with their same spending policies.
Then they were furious when they actually did continue with the same policies.
Then, liberals decide further intervention is what is needed instead of getting their big noses and your wallet out of the problem.

I personally see this as an utter disaster, that would certainly work in favor of the socialist/communist mindset of ‘equitable’ instead of ‘equality’.

In a society seeking equality, policies are enacted by wise legislators that are designed to provide equal opportunity for everyone. These policies do not get into the personal abilities or determination of the individual.

Equitable is something entirely different. Equitable seeks to make everything exactly the same. No one has more or less than anyone else. No one has more opportunity or less opportunity than their neighbors. No one has more or less possessions than anyone else. To achieve equitable material possessions of a society requires that wages be equitable.

Is it fair for executives of failing businesses to receive outrageous bonuses? Of course not.
Is it fair for them to receive bonuses paid for by the tax payers? Of course not.

Does this give liberals a legitimate reason to set salaries of all employees? Of course not.

Liberals are really not interested in what is right and good. They are interested in furthering their socialist/communist agenda.

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