Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gnosticism Versus Truth

Blending of mystical teachings with scripture (pollutes)
Wrapped up in Christian terminology (deceives)
Present from the early church age (inescapable until the final defeat of Satan)
Even present before the church – as in the garden of eden – promising Eve godhood through works (just eat the fruit – that’s all it takes)
‘Shape shifting’ – it is without real form or substance – continually changing to match current situations
It’s only continuum is to blast scripture and undermine it at every turn – but often wrapped up in twisted Biblical terminology – if it attacks scripture, then Gnosticism is in there somewhere
Is a philosophy – a viewpoint that tries to mesh the God of the Bible with human ideas and values

Neo-Gnosticism infiltrating the church today
Revelation beyond scripture – or revelation that ‘clarifies’ scripture
Attempts to reconcile what seems right or how things should be according to mankind to what Is right according to God and how things really are.

From Gnosticism comes apostasy
A Gnostic might be confused and believe that the truths of God can be mingled with the philosophy of this world and still be accepted by God

But in apostasy – people actually understand that there is no way to mix the things of God with the things of the world – and still have anything to do with God. I suppose Cain would be an apostate. First, he knew the truth of God, but obviously did not accept it. Second, he tried to mix his own ideology or philosophy with the things of God. Well, that didn’t work. God refused Cain’s offering. So Cain, instead of repenting of his own Gnostic philosophy, became an apostate. He knew the truth – and he rejected it. He chose his own way over the way of God.

The best way to stymie or thwart Gnosticism is to know sound doctrine. Then when you hear Gnostic ideas speak up and say you cannot mix the things of God with the things of the world.

Gnostic and apostate theology is taught in seminaries, Sunday schools, and straight from the pulpit. So, stay alert.

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