Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Objective - Do What is Right According to God

There is a great gulf fixed between right and wrong.

Truth and right are one thing.

Wrong, which is sin, is an entirely different matter.

Right is defined by the Bible. It is the Bible that gives us the ten commandments. It is the Bible that gives us the new commandment to 'love one another as Christ loves us'. It is the Bible that teaches us to treat others the way we want to be treated.

God does not change. What He declared right in the beginning is still right.

What God declared wrong in the beginning is still wrong.

In order to go forward the individual, the family, the business, the church, or even a nation must have a clear objective in every endeavor.

For good success the objective must be based on righteous behavior. This is not 'holier than thou' behavior. It is just a sure knowledge that based on the Word of God, the objective is right.

Those who follow the commandments of the Bible need to sit down and clarify exactly what is morally acceptable to God. Every objective, whether great or small; individual or national; MUST fit inside the boundaries of morality that is acceptable to God. We know what is acceptable to God because He has told us in the Bible what is acceptable behavior. We cannot define moral behavior by feelings or social acceptance.

It is delusional for mere mortals to believe they have the power or authority to set aside the morals of God in favor of their own idea of morality. It is also destructive. Doing things 'my way' instead of 'God's way' will always lead to extreme disaster.

Seeking to live a life that fits within the boundaries of moral behavior as defined by God ALWAYS leads to conflict with those who are living outside the boundaries of morality set by God.

The conflict flows from the individual to all people of the world; it is global in scope.

You personally are involved in the conflict. It is time to sit down and consider what your actions are saying about your morals. Are you sending a clear message regarding exactly what teachings you follow? Or, do your actions send the message to the world that you are living a life that tries to please everyone?

Today, we see many people, from the individual to the entire nation, trying to excuse behavior that is unacceptable to God as acceptable because of extenuating circumstances. It cannot be done.

'Moral Clarity' is more than a catch phrase. The end result of mixing right and wrong, truth and lies, is miry clay. You wind up stuck in the mud. You are not going anywhere.

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