Thursday, January 8, 2009

Give Your Spiritual Immune System a Boost

Are you a little weary and soul sick today? Would you like to improve your spiritual health? Let's take a look at the example of Daniel the prophet who was greatly beloved by God and see what instructions we can find there to help us today.,

Daniel 10:19 says,

'O man greatly beloved,
fear not:
peace be unto thee;
be strong, yea be strong.

1. Daniel is beloved by God. To be 'beloved by God' see that God is beloved by you. Give God first place in your life. Set your priorities so that there is nothing more important to you than a good relationship with the God of your salvation.

2. God told Daniel to 'fear not'. This requires fellowship with God. The more you fellowship with God, the more you understand the power of God to keep you safe. The perfect love of God casts out fear. You can live your life unafraid.

3. God told Daniel 'peace be unto you'. Without fear, there is peace, even in the midst of turmoil. God gives the peace that passes understanding. He will give it to you if you are willing to receive it.

4. From the vantage point of no fear, and peace with God, it is much easier to be strong. Fear and turmoil zap your strength like a virus attacking your soul. You can 'boost your spiritual immune system' by continuing to:

seek God;
trust Him so much that you are not afraid;
seek the peace of God that passes understanding;
take hold of the strength of God to face whatever the day brings.

Barbara Henderson
Author of 'The Broad Way'

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