Friday, February 13, 2009

More Life Without Father

Daddy was a Christian man. He was also a man with a good life and lots of humor.
My husband Jerry and dad had quite a few 'excellent adventure' together. Many of them included my three brothers, and sometimes the entire family.

Jerry is pretty much overwhelmed by dad's death.
Jerry works with a bunch of what some people would call rednecks. In fact some people would call Jerry a redneck. Anyway, most of them really like Jerry and they could tell he was heart broken because he kept bursting into tears. They got together and ordered him flowers - a giant boquet of flowers.
They called a meeting and gave them to Jerry.
Jerry started crying, so he started trying to tell funny stories about things he and dad had done together.
Pretty soon, he had everyone laughing.
Then, at a quiet moment, they realized the man they were hearing about was dead, so they all started crying.
The upside to that is the big boss came in and told Jerry to take a few days off with pay - he wants Jerry to 'pull himself together'. He also wants to get some work done.
Humor is a good thing. We have all been laughing about some of the things dad got Jerry into, and some of the things they got into together, and some of the things that involved my brothers, and even the whole family.
Some of these funny things are hard to explain. You really just had to be there and know a little about the personalities of the people involved.
Dad always called mom by her childhood nickname - which was Chirpy - after a cute little squirrel in a children's book.
My grandad's favorite joke was 'What does a 500 pound canary say?" Then grandad would yell 'CHIRP" because that is what dad was always yelling. No matter what his problem was - he would yell CHIRP and my mom would come running and usually manage to fix what ever problem dad was facing.
Which reminds me of my grandad. He was a character as well.
Anyway, whatever you are facing, the love of God is what will help you the most. But remember, God gave a sense of humor. In times of stress and even sorrow, humor is a good thing.
Start now looking at things that happen in your life with a sense of humor. Remember who was there, what was happening, and of cours who was to blame for the entire incident. Of course if you were to blame for the incident, don't remember that one. Trust me, someone else will remember it for you.
In remembering dad, I remember his brother in law, my uncle Dean. Now there was laugh anytime you wanted one. I remember the time Dean had to give mouth-to-beak to his high dollar fighting rooster - but that story is too long to tell here.
Thinking of Dean, I remember dad's brother Joe. Dean and Joe weren't saved early on, so I probably shouldn't mention some of the stories I know about them.
I remember dad being such a help to his sister in law (mom's sister) when they were young. Merle is there with dad now. So are Dean and Joe. So are all my grandparents, and my sister.
I know dad will see my father in law who is there as well. And he will meet my father in laws brother who was killed d-day. Dad will see some of his friends who were killed in the war as well.
Dad will see his missionary friend whose plane went down in the mountains of Alaska.
Dad is in a good place. No sad farewells where dad has gone.
Thinking about all the people who are there that I know and love, it seems like I am missing a big party. this trip down memory lane almost seems like a reunion for me, too. I can almost touch some of these people and hear them speak.

Please pray for my mother.

AND, if you don't know you will go to heaven when you die, now is the time to settle the matter. Dad had a long illness, but my sister April just dropped over dead at age 33 with absolutely no warning,
You don't know how long you have. Settle it today. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Then buy a Thompson Chain Reference Bible and start studying.

If you get to heaven before I do look up my dad. Marvin Jonathan Wright. He will be glad to see you.

Humm a few bars of 'In the Sweet Bye and Bye' and think of all the people you will see in heaven.

One more thing. Not long after my grandad died I was wishing outloud that we could talk to grandad just a few minutes.
I said, 'Dad, if we could talk to grandad just a few minutes, he would tell us what it is really like in heaven, and what is going on there.'
Dad replied, 'No, he wouldn't Barbara. He would tell us to tell people how to be saved. He would have seen first hand what is the most important thing in the world.'
I believe dad was right.
The most important thing in the world is to tell people how to be saved.


  1. I will pray for your mom. What you said is right no matter what you have to ensure all you know are saved. Its cause you never know when a person will be taken.

  2. My condolences to you and your family. I will be praying for your mother. My father died 7 years ago and I still remember vividly the first few months after his death.


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