Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stiumilus Package = BAD NEWS for USA - Good News for Mexico

We are in the era of ‘change’. Everything seems to be changing – including language. New words and phrases are surfacing all the time – and I often don’t’ have a clue regarding exactly what they mean.
e-verify is one of those terms. It means something like employer verification that an employee is in the United States legally and eligible to work here. This is supposed to stop illegals from making the money – and sending it home to their native country. This is taking money out of the economy in the United States – and creating a nation that is short on cash. This is sort of like a family budget -= where more money is going out than is coming in, or instead of paying your own bills and providing for your family’s security – you are providing for and paying the bills for strangers,. The end is a bankruptcy and disaster for your own family. That is also the way it works nationally.

Now, this is important because of the democratic stimulus package. Apparently the democrats are having an identity crises – because they are confused about exactly which economy they are supposed to be stimulating!
According to WND – democrats do not want to include e-verify in the bill. Two republican senators have sent a letter to the democrats stating - "The stimulus package is intended to help ease the pain of the current recession and restore growth to our economy," the letter stated." If passed, it will be paid for by the American taxpayers and we believe that Congress should do all it can to ensure that American taxpayers are the intended beneficiaries of its efforts."
The government has estimated that the $104 billion in new spending should produce as many as 2 million construction jobs. The Center for Immigration Studies claims 15 percent of workers in the construction industry are illegal aliens – and that 300,000 positions are likely to be filled by noncitizens.

In addition to the importance of keeping the jobs and money in the United States – there is also the question of who will benefit from the jobs within the working class. It seems common sense is not to be considered. Obama’s economic advisor Robert Reich has stated in plain English that White Male’s should NOT get jobs or benefit from the from the stimulus. This statement has NOT been condemned by any democrats that I have been able to find. Reich is obviously a sanctimonious bigot. Without an immediate condemnation of Reich’s proposed distrubitution of funds – we can rightly assume that Obama is in full agreement. For all you white males who voted for Obama – I hope you don’t wind up needing a job – because your man in the white house has no plans to help you – but he does have plans to see that you are NOT helped.

Here’s one more item of note regarding the bailouts - GM is investing 1 billion dollars of its bailout funds in BRAZIL. This is in order to avoid some of the problems here in the USA. So once again neither the government nor the industries know which economy it is supposed to be saving and stimulating.

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