Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who is to blame? God or the Devil?

Christians have a firm foundation on which to stand in every avenue of life.
It is the Bible, God's Holy Word.
Through God's word we have knowledge and understanding that is not available to unbelivers and scoffers.
We know that we were created by God.
We can know that we have eternal life. (1 John 5:13)
We have the stability of knowing the rules by which we are supposed to live in the hear and now. They are written down for us in the Bible.
In the Bible we see examples of caring for the environment. The Jews were instructed by God to let their lands rest every seven years. In the fiftieth year - the Jews were supposed to set their bond servents free and return the land to its origianl owner.
We see Noah obeying God and building an ark to save his family AND all the animals.
We have the example of the good Samaratin who cared for the wounded man he did not know, and even paid for his care.
We have the new commandment - to love one another like Christ loved us.

It is really arrogant for anyone to believe the earth can be destroyed by mankind. The Bible says, 'The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.' Psalm 24:1Currently naturalist David Attenborough is preaching that it is the Bible that is responsible for the destruction of the environment.

He tears down the God of creation as a merciful God because of the sorrow and disease in the world. What Attenborough and others are ignoring is that God created the earth and all its creatures and the two first inhabitants as perfect beings who would never die. THAT was God's plan.
Then God's adversary (the devil, Satan, Lucifer, the old dragon, the serpent....) beguiled the woman into eating the fruit and death entered into the world. The devil is the evil villian in this cosmic drama. What God created as perfect and eternal, the devil has distorted to evil.

Attenborough uses the example of a worm that lives in a child's eye - and questions the mercy of God in creating such an evil. He is lacking in understanding. God created perfection. All this was changed when sin entered in. Through the evil of Satan, disease came into the world. Good was tarnished with evil. Disease came in. Death came in. Sorrow, despair, and hopelessness came in. All this and more came through Lucifer. They did not come into the world through God.

Like a criminal in a movie drama, the devil is putting the blame for his crimes on the 'Good Guy' - which is God. When people blame God for their troubles and sorrows, they are turning away from the only help they have in this life. Satan LOVES that. He not only torments them, he places the blame for HIS (Satan's) crimes on God - who is without sin and full of mercy.

Don't let Satan fool you! And, remember, every life is only temporary. Every one will die and face the judgment. Those who believe on Jesus Christ will be raised to perfection and eternal life. Those who reject Jesus Christ will be raised to spend eternity in their sins,sorrows, dissappointments, and heartaches separated from God in a place called hell.

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