Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Democratic Congress Needs to Define "PORK"

The democratic led congress is supposed to be taking action to stimulate the economy. They promised 'no pork'. I would like a definition of what they consider 'pork'.
Here is a list of things they are currently proposing in their stimilius package. ( )
It sounds like pork to me. What do you think?

To the “Green” Lobby
$600 Million To Buy New Cars For Government Workers (Page 89)
These cars would be “green” friendly cars – however very few gas pumps have the right gas to run these cars.
The Federal government already spends $3.5 billion a year.
$10M for bike and walking trails (Page 65)
$200M for plug-in car stations (Page 31)
$400 million for NASA scientists to conduct climate change research (Page 22)
$800 million to clean up Superfund sites (Page 122)
$600 million for grants for diesel emission reduction (Page 119)
$650 million for “alternative energy technologies, energy efficiency enhancements and deferred
maintenance at Federal facilities” (Page 119)
$1.5 billion for construction of “Green Schools” (Page 176)
To the Unions
$1 billion to the controversial COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING SERVICES COPS Hiring
“$150 billion in new federal spending, a vast two-year investment that would more than double the
Department of Education’s current budget. The proposed emergency expenditures on nearly every realm of
education, including school renovation, special education, Head Start and grants to needy college students”
Sam Dillon, “Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education,” New York Times. January 27, 2009.
NOTE: Private and religious schools are excluded.
To the Abortion Industry
Representative Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) inserted in the original bill billions of dollars for family
planning groups, including the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

Do YOU believe these items are pork or not?
How will they stimulate the economy?
Is there anyone in congress who knows the truth from a lie?
Is there anyone in congress who even cares if they tell the truth or lie?

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  1. I don't think it's completely pork at all. Some of these, I believe, are actual stimulus that will help the economy. I get where you're seeing things from though, because at first glance, to me, a lot of this was just jibber jabber that were just excuses to spend money. but after research and lots of patience, i finally found out what some of these meant and how they will help stimulate the economy.



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