Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Win the USA/Mexico Border War

The Winning hand in the Mexico/USA Border War.

Well, Mexico is having problems with drug wars in their country. Apparently murder and kidnapping are very common.
The Mexican government is trying to put a stop to the violence by sending troops into problem areas.
Drug dealers and the violence that follows them are spilling into the United States through our open back door policy.

A government that is secure and able to govern is always better for the rest of the world. Places like Darfur are the result of totally ineffective government. Really, anarchy is what happens.

Of course we don’t want anarchy in Mexico, but that seems to be a growing possibility. As a nation butting our southern border, the refugees would come in at an even greater number as the government fails to provide them with a safe place to live. Once they get here, we might provide them with a bus pass to Canada, but they probably wouldn’t go. One might wonder, ‘Where did the government go wrong?’

The government is not the problem. If we are being truthful, we have to admit that it never was the might of the United States, nor the brilliance of the government that secured our borders. Our borders were secured by God Almighty. The people of this nation were Christians in their world view. Their actions showed where their allegiance was. When someone from two generations ago departed from what was accepted as moral, they knew it was wrong, and they were embarrassed for family and friends to find out. When this nation was a nation of practicing Christians, this nation was pleasing to God. It was also USED by God to send out missionaries to all the world. It was God who protected our border. If they are ever to be secure again, it will come because
God once again decides to secure them.

Today, this is not predominantly a nation of practicing Christians. People do the most horrible things, and they don’t care who knows. Even pedophiles are likely not sorry for their sin. They are just sorry society doesn’t accept their predisposition to have sex with children. I believe that if the Lord delays His return, we will see pedophiles gain sympathy as a group of people who are ‘born that way’ and have no control over their actions. From pedophiles, we can see even serial murderers gain legal status. After all, if they were born that way, why should they be punished?

The world as a whole is turning away from the Gospel and into the arms of false religion, humanism, and basically just doing ‘their own thing’. In the book of Judges, we are told of a time when ‘everyone did that which was right in their own eyes’. That is pretty much where we are right now. No matter what they are doing, it mostly has nothing to do with what God says is righteous behavior. People commit gross sins, and love themselves above all others. Then they say they have done nothing wrong. People are fully willing to have someone else lay down his or her own life for them, but they would lay down their lives for no one. They probably wouldn’t even lay down their own double latte from Starbucks to help others.

When my parents were growing up, their parents failed to take them to church regularly. This was a grave error on their part, and caused sorrow to their children and grandchildren that it will take generations of sound doctrine to overcome. However, they DID do one thing right. They taught their children that the Bible was true and without error. They were taught that every single word was the exact word of God. From that point mom and dad only had to be shown what was in the Bible, and then accept or reject God’s plan of salvation. Today, most of the people of this nation and world are ignorant of anything that is in the Bible. They have been taught that the Bible is anything but the infallible word of the Omnipotent God of creation.

From a worldly point of view, those who have a Christian World View are in deep trouble. We are powerless to stop the horrible changes occurring in our country at an alarming rate.

However, from the point of view of faith, our job is still the same.
Nothing has changed.
We are supposed to tell the world that Jesus saves.

I want to tell you how my dad handled it. He bought Gospel tracts in Spanish and handed them out as the opportunity came to him. That’s it. He was angry that people broke through our borders and came here illegally. He was angry that they sucked up resources that should have been spent on citizens who are here naturally or legally. He was angry that families that have been here hundreds of years (literally) and fought in every war since before the American Revolution are forced to take the back seat in our own country; and, PAY for the usurpers upkeep. But his anger was overcome by his by his zeal for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dad said that we are like a net fisherman standing on the side of a great waterfall. He sees people who are going over the falls by the millions. The fisherman has only a small net, but he bravely stands by the falls and holds out the net. Every now and then, he catches someone and pulls them to safety. Dad said forget the ones you miss. Thank God for the ones you catch.

Will we change the course of history by converting one illegal immigrant?
Probably not, but the course of that person’s life will be changed for eternity.
Does that matter?
It matters to the soul who came to know Jesus because you gave them a Gospel tract, or sent money to a missionary who told them how to be saved.

The government will do what the government will do. Through prayer and voting, the evil that the government plans may be set aside by our Sovereign God. On the other hand, the government may get worse and worse.

One thing that does not change is the Great Commission.
We are supposed to give people a chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
The measure of our success is not the society we build.
It is in the Godly family we build.
It is in the neighbor we help.
It is the people who hear the Gospel because of us.
Society is just a reflection of how well we are doing our job as Christians.

So, if you want to join the fight in the border wars, support missionaries.
Become someone like my dad – get gospel tracts in Spanish and just hand them out as the opportunity arises.
This puts you on the side of obedience to the command to tell the world that Jesus saves.

If you find this a bit hard to swallow, remember the Book of Philemon in the Bible. Onesimus was a runaway slave. He met the Apostle Paul and became a true believer in Jesus Christ. That means he became an ally of every Christian. However, in the real world at that time, Onesimus was still the property of Philemon. So Paul instructed Onesimus to return to Philemon. Paul himself asked for mercy for Onesimus, who, through his conversion, was now a fellow laborer and brother, beloved both in the flesh and in the Lord. It became a win win situation.

That is where we stand today.
It appears that the foundations of our world are being destroyed by the very government that is supposed to protect it. Our economy is failing. Jobs numbers are shrinking in spite of massive amounts of money spent to boost the economy. All this is just a ploy by Satan to distract the Christians from the real problem, or give us a different perception of the real problem.
· The real problem is that people need the Lord.
· The real solution is to tell the lost people of Jesus and His power to give them eternal life.

Don’t let the world confuse you or distract you from doing your part in fulfilling the great commission.
Tell the world that Jesus saves.

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  1. The border issue has become serious. If the U.S. can't provide jobs and opportunities for those who are its citizens, well, I don't know how they can do anything for those illegals stealing into the country. We don't have enough resources to maintain our own nation...but they still keep coming across the border to drain us even more.

    It's not that I wish to deprive people of work. They just need to find it in their own country. Those that govern Mexico need to shore up resources to help their own people.
    There again, some of those illegals enter our country with 'illegal' activity on their minds.
    It is a no-win situation for all involved.

    I really enjoyed your father's story about the 'net'. I think he was absolutely right. If you can redeem just one've accomplished something.(smile)

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. May God lead everyone to the path of righteousness...hopefully, soon...Mattie


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