Monday, February 23, 2009

True Divinity versus Vanity

It is quite obvious that the world is in a mess.
The world needs a savior.
There is no shortage of wanna be saviors.

The world is looking to society as a whole to save it. Everyone is pressured to ‘get on board’ and participate in the philosophical mumbo jumbo or pseudo science of the day. If you dare dissent, you are an outcast.

Salvation of the earth through social and political means requires that some elite rise to the top in order to lead the general population in the way that they should go. Many of these leaders are totally lacking in humility. They see themselves as social engineers. They envision a world that runs more smoothly, efficiently, and even perfectly, when everyone follows their new pattern of conduct. They listen to the masses crying out for salvation from earthly problems, and see themselves as ‘one’ who is able to solve the problems and save the world.

In their vanity, these leaders begin to see themselves as ‘divine’. They love the adoration of the population that grants them messianic powers. Such people have been with the world for ages. Worship of leaders was seen in Egypt and Rome. It was seen more recently in Nazi Germany and Japan. Truthfully, these people are not divine. They just have a colossal case of ‘the fat head’. That means their egos have run ammock.

Many believe that such ideology is being seen today in politics. Obama has been called the messiah. Obama himself has not denied that he is the messiah. Perhaps he thinks he is. It is much easier for an ego maniac to see himself as divine than to see himself as a buffoon.

Anyone with delusions of divinity is attempting to redefine ‘divinity’. Those with the idea that they can anoint a prophet or divine being by simply placing their stamp of approval on some current political or social figure are delusional.

A being is either divine, or he/she is not. Their divinity is not affected by the acceptance or rejection of society as a whole or the individual.

So, here is the truth. God alone is God.
He is:
Omnipotent – all powerful,
Omnipresent – present everywhere,
Omniscient – actually knowing everything.,
Eternal – without beginning or end,
Self sufficient - needing to ‘appointed cabinet’ in order to run creation,
Self sustaining – needing no one or anything to continue,
And – that just points out some of God’s attributes and abilities.

For mankind to bestow the title of ‘messiah’, ‘savior’, ‘god’, on a mortal who will die and stay dead is sheer vanity. It totally re-defines ‘god’ in the mortal image of mankind. Who wants that for a god?
Today, ‘government worship’ is replacing ‘God worship’.
Right now, the government is looked to for salvation from social and economic woes. The citizens facing problems never bow the knee to God Almighty.
Instead they go straight to the government and seek ‘assistance’ in solving their dilemma or crisis.
Some are openly worshiping the heads of governments as god.

Whether they are worshiping the current president of the USA, or the ayatollah’s of Islam, or the pope, or the Dali lama, they are worshiping a false god.
Their end is destruction.

People need to see the ‘bigger picture’ regarding who God really is. The more He is understood, the more the things of the world pale in comparison. The more the individual learns about God Almighty, the clearer they will see the frailty of government to solve problems and provide for the future.

The best way to combat the growing cult of government worship is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The powers behind government know this. That is why we are seeing Christianity continually marginalized, belittled, and even outlawed in society. Many if not most, in government are seeking their own good, and not the good of the people they are supposed to serve and care for. Perhaps they don’t put their thoughts in an order that says, ‘I want government worshiped, so Jesus can’t be worshiped.’ However, I bet they do put their thoughts in a form that says, ‘I want to be re-elected, and I will do whatever it takes to actually get re-elected.’

Truly, citizens are powerless to stop any government from devouring the people over which it rules. It is God alone who has that power. Our ability to really ‘make a difference’, and ‘change the world’ is to tell the world that Jesus saves to the uttermost.

Hebrews 7:25Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

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