Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked - Sort Of.

I walked today where Jesus walked, and I have never even been to Israel.

Ok, maybe I didn’t really walk today where Jesus walked. But figuratively speaking I walked where Jesus walked. Well maybe not exactly where He walked today, because I had a pretty good day. But, I think maybe I have at least taken a few baby steps down the path Jesus walked.

Jesus walked in truth. I know the truth of Christ and make an effort to walk in His truth.

Jesus walked in temptation. I have walked in temptation. It seems it is mostly the temptation to worry and fret about things I can’t do anything about. Jesus didn’t sin by falling into temptation. I can’t say the same thing. I sin all the time, even though I try not to. Most days I probably sin at least five times before breakfast. And, that is on the days I have an early breakfast. Anyway, on second thought, Jesus was tempted by the devil in person. I know I have been protected from a confrontation with Satan, and probably from his more powerful henchmen. Maybe I didn’t walk where Jesus walked when it comes to temptation after all.

Jesus walked in sorrow. I have been to ‘sorrow’. I did not like it all, and I hope to never walk there again. It is unpleasant , and well, sorrowful. But, in the case of my grandparents, dad, and sister, I know I will see them in heaven because they believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Every day, Jesus faces loving people who choose to die in their sins. Maybe I haven’t exactly walked where He walked in sorrow.

Jesus walked in disappointment. His best friends forsook Him. The multitudes of followers forsook Him when the going got tough. I have had friends who let me down, but never like He did. Maybe I haven’t walked where Jesus walked in disappointment after all.

Jesus walked in poverty. He gave up the riches and glory of heaven and became poor. I am sort of poor now. Well, not homeless exactly, but I do live in a camper. It is pretty comfortable, and very near to the people I love the most. And, I do have a place to lay my head at night. Christ did not, so I haven’t exactly walked where Christ walked when it comes to housing either.

Jesus walked in pain. I don’t think it felt very good when He was nailed to the cross. I have had migraine headaches and emergency gall bladder surgery. Since I didn’t have insurance, I didn’t want to go to the hospital with the gall bladder right away. I was in a lot of pain for several days. My stomach cramped so bad I wound up with a bruise the size of my entire stomach. The doctor said he had never seen anything like it. It was painful, but I am sure it couldn’t be compared to walking where Jesus walked in the amount of pain suffered.

Jesus walked in self restraint. I do that all the time. I restrain myself from things like the third donut, the really neat jacket that is only on sale 20% off instead of 30%, and things like that. I also refrain myself from telling off people who really need. However, Christ restrained Himself from ‘poofing’ the things that would have made His life so much easier. He could have turned a stone into a nice gated horse with a padded saddle. Christ showed restrain even in miracles. He could have turned the five loaves and fishes into a feast of the fatted calves. OK, once again, I have to admit, maybe I haven’t walked where Jesus walked in the matter of self restraint either.

Jesus walked in unselfishness. I am an unselfish person. I love to give to my family, and I am happy to change my plans in order to fit the needs of family and friends. Of course, there are limits. If I am in the middle of a fatigue episode, or headache, or something really important, then I am willing to take time for myself. Jesus on the other hand, walked out of his way to see the woman of Samaria. He went in the heat of the day because He knew that was when she would be there. I can’t take the heat, really. I would have had to meet her there at night. And walking would have been a problem, even though I actually love to walk. The thing is, I can’t walk far without shoes designed specifically for walking. I don’t know what kind of shoes Jesus had, but they probably did not support His arches properly. Now, that may not be my fault, but in all honesty, I would still have to stay that I really haven’t walked where Jesus walked in unselfishness.

Jesus is generous. So am I. I love to give. Of course, I didn’t give up the things Jesus gave up. I had no throne, no wealth, nor honor, no glory, no unlimited movement through time and space. I have given up a few things like the years ago there was money for a new front door that I gave to the missionary. OK, I only gave half the money. Eventually I did get the new door. I give money to missionaries, but it honestly doesn’t change my life much. I don’t know. What do you think? Have I walked where Jesus walked when it comes to generosity or not?

Jesus loved His enemies. I love my enemies in that I don’t want them to go to hell. Mostly, I just want them to stay out of my face and leave me alone. I honestly do want them to be saved and spend eternity in heaven. I don’t want to be their neighbor when we all get there though. If they repent, Christ will let them in heaven, and treat them the same as if they had loved Him from the beginning. Upon reflection, it appears that I am having at least a slight problem in loving my enemies like Jesus loved His enemies.

You know, I am not that certain that have walked where Jesus walked. It is really a lot harder than I thought it would be.

What about you?
Have you walked where Jesus walked?
Have you even tried?
Are you willing to try?

Why not meet with Jesus and talk to Him about it. He doesn’t want you to suffer all the trials that He suffered. In fact, in the beginning, He didn’t plan for any of us to suffer at all. Adam and Eve were created perfect and placed in a perfect world. After sin, Christ set out to restore fellowship with mankind through His personal sacrifice. Christ just wants you to follow Him. He wants to be your guide throughout all the days of your life. If you follow your guide, then you will be walking daily where Jesus is walking.


  1. You have a heartful of inspiration, and I greatly admire your faith. It radiates wonderfully from this post.

    I don't think I'm sure where Jesus walked. I guess, he follows us wherever we walk. He is there in the distance...urging us on. He is there in the dark shadows...lending his strength.

    This was an amazing, and most enjoyable, entry. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it!(smile)

    Thank you,

  2. Thank you Mattie.
    I enjoy writing but sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually reading what I write.
    It would be a favor to me if you would become a follower of my blog.
    Just scroll down the page and click follow.
    I think I need quite a few followers in order to get my blog noticed by blog search engines.
    So, the more people who become followers and tell their friends, the better.

    Anyway , thank your very much for the kind comment.


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