Sunday, March 8, 2009

Defining Your Job Description

Dear Christian,

These are trying times in which we live. There are very few people in the United States or the world who have not already been affected by the economic down spiral of economies and social structure around the world.

Whether employed or unemployed, the Christian still has a job to do. God knows we need an help in determining exactly what to do. He does not leave us clueless in what our personal job description is.

First, the individual Christian is supposed to actually live like a Christian, They are to practice what the Bible preaches. There are no exceptions, regardless of financial hardships, and fearsome times.

Second, the Christian is supposed to tell their families about Jesus Christ.
Your family, your extended family, and all relatives are in the area of your responsibility.
It is your responsibility to tell them about Jesus.
It is your responsibility to set an example for them in how you live your life.
It is ultimately their choice as to whether they accept or reject Jesus.
But, their ultimate decision does not lessen your responsibility to at least tell them about Jesus, and personally live like a practicing Christian.

Third, it is in the job description of all Christians to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond their own families. Branch out to friends, co-workers, and the whole world through missionary support.

These duties are not lessened by:
Economic hardship,
Social Stigma,
Personal timidness,
Or any other thing.

I know that is hard. I personally fail at least fifteen times a day at doing what is right. On a bad day, I can fail that many times well before lunch.

Still, that is the job description of a Christian.
We are to live like Christ instructs us to live.
We are to stay focused on winning our families and friends.
We are to help take the Gospel into all the world.
We are to disciple new Christians both by how we live, and in seeing that they have sound teachings in the church.

It isn't that hard to explain it.
It is much harder to actually do it.
I can do better at doing a good job as a Christian today than I did yesterday.
So can you.

Our Christian walk with God can be dramatically improved by following the instructions in the Bible to:
Hide the Word of God in our hearts to help us avoid sin.
Fear not because God is with us always.
Be steadfast and unwavering in our faith.

God bless you.

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