Friday, March 13, 2009

Michael Steel Supports Liberal Holy Grail of Abortion and Homosexual Agenda

Flaming Liberals Should Get Out of the Republican Party

The Republican party is filled with flamin’ liberals.
These people are also flamin’ cowards!
They are intentionally secret agents for the opposition.

If they are cowards, they are afraid of not getting re-elected by telling the truth about their ‘political orientation’.
If the are intentionally working for the opposition, then they are worse than cowards. They are despicable elitists.

In either case, they are not worthy of sweeping out the barn, much less serving in congress.
Those who call themselves ‘Republican’ have done a good job of getting out and voting.
Those who are in leadership roles in the Republican party are failing miserably at doing their jobs.

Republican Leaders are also either COWARDS afraid of losing elections; or, they are intentionally taking the Republican party down the road of the dinosaur.
The current Republican National Chairman - Michael Steele says:
abortion is a choice,
homosexuality is not

These tenets are the stated holy grail of the Democratic Party.

Michael Steel is definitely a liberal democrat in his ideology.
Whether he is a coward afraid of losing an election, or an intentional evil agent who calls himself ‘republican’ when he knows full well he is a ‘democrat’ is hard to tell.
Either way, I’m sick of his face.
I want him out.

Email the GOP and let them know how YOU feel.
In fact, I strongly suggest that you put these email addresses in a folder and use them to let the GOP know EVERY TIME they make decisions based on liberal ideology or political expediency instead of conservative values.

Office of the Chairman

Office of the Co=chair





National Committee Member Services

National Committee Member Relations


202 863 8889

Government Affairs
202 863 8809

Email was not given for the last two offices. For full contact information go to the following web site.

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