Monday, March 9, 2009

Secret Societies - Real or Imaginary?

Ray Gano and I are working on a series on secret societies for PZ Radio. This is the basic transcript for the first broadcast.

Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to consider the likely hood of secret societies conspiring to rule the world.
It seems isn’t really a case of ‘are they here’ but that secret societies conspiring to bring about a New World Order MUST be here.

Now, bear with me on this – it may seem like I’m going off track, but stick with me here.
I want to point out that if you are a Christian living on planet earth, you are facing three constant battles.

Most Christians realize they are facing a battle with the devil. They pray to God for protection and help; then they go out and face the day.
What they often don’t realize is that they are really facing three battles:

The battle with one’s own sin nature, which by the way does not go away when you get saved.

The world system, that means society and government are out to get you! Yes, they really are. They will put you in situations daily where you are forced to make a decision to do the right thing, or ‘fit in’, ‘make a profit’, ‘be popular’, and so on.

And, number three - the devil. Yes, he is real, and yes he wants to cause you trouble in your life, the lives of your family, friends, country, and the entire world.

It is natural for these three things to form a dreadful and fearsome alliance because they are in opposition to God at their very core.

On the other side of this evil alliance we find Christians and their God.

Everyone on the planet IS in the war. Those who have not specifically joined the battle on God’s side are definitely on the side of the ‘the big three’ – the devil, the flesh, and the world system.

The alliance between God and His children is an overt operation. There is nothing secret about it. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. You are adopted into the family of God and are on HIS side. God Himself becomes the Champion of the believer.

On the other hand – the alliance between Satan, the world, and the sin nature is quite covert. It is a secret to all but a few.
It works like this.
Satan is the power source and main adversary of God.
He is at war with God continually.
His goal is to rule the world.
To do that Satan needs to control world government.
To do that, Satan needs human beings who do his bidding.

Some who are in league with Satan are just ego maniacs who believe they are better able to manage your life and your business than you can manage it yourself. There may be a few who people communicate directly with Satan through one means or another, or more likely with some of Satan’s high ranking demon followers.

Here’s the deal, no matter how lofty and self sacrificing the goals of any powerful organization may have been in the beginning, the devil will find a way to creep in unawares and lead silly ego maniacs captive.

Eventually, these organizations WILL be controlled by and led by human beings who are controlled either knowingly or unknowingly by Satan and his demonic followers. Some organizations may be controlled by Satan from their beginning.

This is just a natural occurrence given the fallen world in which we live.

Now that is where we are today. The world is full of ‘secret societies’ plotting ways to ‘improve the world’, ‘save the world’, ‘bring world peace’, and so on.

All these improvements wind up requiring a one world government or a New World Order.

They feel justified in keeping their true agenda’s secret from the global population because of their superior intellect, or beneficial intentions.

In identifying these secret societies, it is important to remember that there may be many people in the societies whose intent is just to ‘do good’.
They really are not aware of any conspiracy.
They usually do have something in common though.
They are willing to do something wrong in order to bring about something they think is right. If they think bigger government is better, they are willing to skew fair and honest elections in order to bring about bigger government.
So, willing accomplices, or ignorant buffoons, they are part of the conspiracy.
They don’t know any more about the strategy or ultimate goals of their organization’s hierarchy than the stock boy knows about upper management of the company he works for. They just want the company to do well.

So, I am not suggesting that EVERYONE in a secret society is an out and out devil worshipers, or in cahoots with the devil, or even dabbles in the occult.

However, reason tells us that because of the Satan’s global ambitions, his presence will be found in every place where there is the least semblance of power, much less in places of real power. Of course Satan is not omnipresent – so what is usually associated with different secret societies would be some of Satan’s angels who followed him in the rebellion against God Almighty.
Some people in these secret societies are aware of exactly what they are doing. Others are delusional in thinking that they are in charge of invisible powers that are helping them achieve their goals.

The point of this news brief is to get you to consider the possibility and even the likelihood of secret societies, or societies that work within the umbrella of a society that has stated goals and agendas that are separate from the true goals and agendas of the inner circle of members. These societies are global in scope. They are satisfied to make small strides in the direction they want to go. Over years, decades, and even centuries, these small steps bring a great shift in the direction that the world as a whole is taking.

Today, we see many groups that have been labeled as a ‘secret society’, such as the free masons, Illuminati, Knights Templar, Bilderburgers, Club of Rome, and so on. Some are new on the scene; others are centuries old. As their agenda is exposed, they simply attach themselves to a different name. Their inner workings and agenda of world dominion remain the same. They want to control the world and everything in it. The power behind these societies is Satan.

Over the coming weeks we are considering giving a history of different ‘secret societies’
Such as the Illuminati, free masons, Knights Templar, and others.

I am currently researching secret societies. You can email me with questions or information about specific secret societies.

Have a good day.

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