Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ideas Cause War

Ideas Cause War

Yep, that’s right. Ideas cause war.
Let me explain.

People have blamed many things for war; and they have many solutions regarding bringing about world peace.
You know the drill.
A new world order is just around the corner.
We have to band together as one people in order to stop war, and save the planet.
If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.
Blah, blah, blah.

Oh really? I have news for the one worlder’s and their idea of a global community that is going to save the world – as my daddy used to say, ‘It ain’t a gonna work.’
Here’s why.

It is impossible to force all people to stop thinking at the same time.
It is even more impossible to force all people to think exactly the same thing at the same time.
Even the most thinking challenged among us has an idea occasionally.
These ideas translate into a set of core values.
The core values control how the person reacts and acts to the world and events in their lives.

For those who prefer not to think, they can always find ideas someone else has already thought up and just use those as their own set of core values.

Core values translate into RELIGION.
That’s right. RELIGION.
Deeply held beliefs ARE religion.
That’s all religion is.
It is just something someone believes.
We can name a lot of ‘religions’ such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and more.
These are commonly known as religions.

However, there are other deeply help beliefs such as humanism, communism, socialism, collectivism, fascism, Nazism, and more. The ideas that make up collectivist groups become religions.

Judaism and Christianity began with TRUTH as revealed by God Almighty.
Throughout the ages, many people have taken the truth in the Bible and based their own core values and deeply help beliefs on the truth of God.

Reason leads thinking people to the conclusion that design proves a designer.
The Designer is God, who has revealed Himself to the world in many way, but specifically through His written word.

Other ideas begin with some false premise, or from ‘the seat of their pants’. (Another saying from my dad)
That means they just made it up from a whim,
or from reasoning from a human view point,
or from an ego the size of Dallas,
or from a greedy heart,
or from a jealous heart.
All these have one thing in common.
They rebellious ideas, because they are in opposition to the Truth of God.

These false religions have something in common.
They have a basic belief that you can force someone to have the same set of core values that you have.
This is impossible.
It is possible to make someone pretend to believe something in order to stay out of trouble, but there is no way of actually reaching into the heart of the individual and ‘making’ him or her believe anything.

These false religions also have a lack of patience in common.
They will only have the patience to persuade others of the correctness of their core values as long as they have no might to force others into their belief system.
As soon as they gain enough military power or political clout, they will begin to force people into their belief system.

Look around you. Where ever you find a war, you will find a clash of ideas that have become core beliefs. These beliefs or values may or may not be called religion, but that is what they are. Whether it is a form of collectivism or something specifically called a religion, the core values or beliefs of different sects or nations is exactly the place from which comes war.

To seek to bring about world peace through a new world order is a vain attempt to take the focus off the real problem, which is separation from God because of the sin nature of mankind.

This means any ideas apart from God’s truth are doomed to failure.
They are also destined to bring additional pain and suffering upon the human race as a whole as well as the individual.

The only idea that will bring some relief to the suffering of mankind now, and provide an eternal solution, is the truth that is found in the teaching of the Bible.

If you want to bring about a better world, your efforts must begin with Jesus Christ.
You are free to accept Jesus or reject Him.
Those to whom you preach are also free to accept Him or reject Him.
Forced conversions are no conversion at all.

Imagine a world in which everyone really does love one another the way Christ loves us.
Imagine a world in which everyone is willing to lay down their lives for their friends. Consider this as a figurative sacrifice where the individual is willing to lay down his or her own desires in order to better care for their families and loved ones. That takes such a sacrifice out of the realm of the unlikely area of physically dying into the daily sacrifice of living for the good of someone else.

This sort of personal sacrifice cannot be forced.
It must come from the heart.
But, THAT is the idea that can change the world.

A truly ‘perfect world’ cannot be built by our efforts, or even the efforts of the most Godly and dedicated people. True perfection can only come when Jesus Christ Himself comes as the King.
However, the world CAN be improved by working to see that the Gospel is preached in all parts of the world. This is done through preaching the Gospel by how you live your life, and by global missionary support.

The ‘idea’ of a world savior was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
Christ is superior to an idea conceived in the mind of a man.
He is reality.
He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
In Jesus Christ, peace between God and the individual is possible.
This allows peace in the heart of the believer.


  1. Dear Ms. Barbara Henderson,

    Jesus was a great person. But I recommend you to please study Hindu and Vedic teachings. You will be surprised to know that whatever Jesus preached were already part of Vedic thinking. Only difference is that Hinduism allows freedom of thinking and each one is asked to self-realise and not depend upon the single idea of God as propounded by Christianity (I strongly believe Christianity does not follow true teachings of Jesus.)

    Further there are hundreds of great souls born in the world that have tried to and have taken mankind in the right path and self-realisation. It is not just Jesus. Christianity preaches that Jesus was the only son of God. Hinduism strongly states that we are all sons of God. Only we have to take the right path.

    Jesus was just one of the great sages and Maharshis of the world. Please take time to read and get benefitted from all of their teachings. May God be with you.

    Lastly, world peace is being destroyed by mindless Christian propagators who are destroying the world's most tolerant and universal religion, that is the Hindu faith in the name of Jesus. Jesus must be squirming in his heaven that people are using his name to murder other religions from which he himself has learnt so much. Please guide them to be better and more universal human beings.

    From one who loves Jesus as much as he does every great soul that Hinduism as well as many other great religions have brought into this world,

    In case you are interested, I will forward the Core Values as preached by Hinduism and you may kindly respond to each one of them. These core values have been empphasised at least a few thousand years before Jesus came into this world.

    Yours truly, a true friend of all those striving to reach God through self-realisation,
    K S Madhavan

  2. Our Starting point for decision making is an entirely different place.
    I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God - without error.
    Because the God of the Bible is the creator of everything, He has the power and authority to make the rules.
    He clearly states in the Bible that to go to God the Father, one must go through Jesus Christ the son.
    I have studies Hinduism, and other religions as well. In them I found no clear path to the place where I want to spend eternity.
    The Bible says, 'It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this the judgment.'

    Jesus said 'You are either for me or against me'. I am for Jesus and the things He taught. since Jesus is God, I place Him above all teachers and philosophers.

    Also, a little research shows that Hinduism is not all that peaceful. It has extreme groups who destroy lives who do not conform to their thoughts.

    And - while some do evil in the name of Christ, Jesus never ever gave persmission to convert by force. The duty of the Christian is just to tell people that Jesus offers them a way to be reconciled with God. What they do with the information is up to them.

    I pray the God of the Bible will speak to your heart and that you will hear Him.



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